Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Playing for sanity.

Frank Churchill Arrives, from the movie Emma (Gwyneth- I believe)
 I was and still am the type of girl who would prefer to keep my emotions in a nice little bottle and never let them go. Playing the piano allows me to release a lot of my frustration and can instantly put my feelings into perspective.  It's something that worked when life got too rough for me growing up. I would retreat to my piano and play. It became the way I stayed sane and generally (not without a few scares) stayed out of trouble.  Currently, playing the piano,means I usually have kids sitting on me, asking me questions, and generally reeking havoc! 

Imagine Colin Firth riding his horse in the beginning scene of Pride and Prejudice!

 I've devised a plan to create time to do this hobby that I love.  I play right after they eat dinner, occasionally at nap time (I currently own a Clavinova digital piano and can turn down the volume).  I play songs that I can finish in one ten minute session of practice.   Ones that instantly inspire me!  Or, I take one piece set it out on the piano and this is what I play until I can easily play it.  If Craig is out of town, I will often spend the evening writing music or going over a few compositions and add to them or fine tune them. 

The only time my piano isn't a mess with music is when guests come over.  Somehow I feel obliged to organize them?!  I am loving Chopin Nocturne's right now and music written for the various Jane Austen films.  The piano brings me instant peace in my world that can be very crazy!  I play because I love the piano, how it sounds, and the way the keys feel under my fingertips!  Pure heaven. 

Why do you play?
Do you have child that loves to play the piano or instrument?
Don't you just love their accomplishments!


Shadow of my life said...

Hi Michelle..I'm Harsimran, first time here. you're blessed with a very nice family. and kids are looking amazing in all the pics.

donna said...

I don't play, But i wish i did..
Ryan and all the kids play the piano. I so enjoy listening to them play. Music brings so much joy into a home....