Saturday, July 16, 2011

Really big messes.

Part of my existence is to clean, soak, rinse, mop, scrub - you get the picture.  Lately, perhaps with the onset of summer and four children at home, my messes are big.  Here are a few examples:

The Kitchen:

no need to make this photo any larger.
Whenever any part of my life is demanded outside of the home, this is what can happen.  In order to put together a church activity for the women in our church, I had to forgo some of the usual nightly clutter patrol for preparation.  So although this:

Part of the Relief Society Garden Party

...was fun, I still had that darn kitchen to clean-up and all that stuff to put away!  We are also reorganizing and putting up new furniture!!!! in our office.  Which means the big messes are continuing upstairs too.  Completely excited to show you the office soon - it's a work in progress.

 This nice white polo shirt was worn by Mr. T today as we went to a local outdoor hamburger place to eat - the kitchen was too messy!  After we sat and watched, both Hawk and Mr. T devour their hot dogs and watermelon - I came home and soaked this shirt with OxyClean.  We go through one spray bottle of this a week it seems.  I really need to remember to bring bibs!  Nini and those boys are always the culprits!

Summer Fun:

Nini and Cici at work.

Nini really loved getting into this- the finished work is going in our new office!

Summer Fun, from swimming to art, always brings with it, lots of mess!  One activity we are doing every week is Art on the Lawn.  We go outside and do art on our lawn!  This week was painting a canvas.  Nini opted for a more Pollock approached, while Cici just couldn't keep one thing on the canvas and painted gum drops to lemon heads to pretzels!  It is all fun, but not with the added clean-up factor.  It's been fun finding the balance between when to let go and when to clean-up.  Got to love Summer!

Can you relate?
Have you seen HP7?!!
Any big messes waiting for you?


Dacia said...

That's how summertime goes for me too :) So many fun things to be doing other than cleaning.

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

So glad to see you have a mess too! My little man dumped a rich chocolate milkshake in his lap yesterday. Dawn dishsoap and Borax are my favorite stain removers.

Anonymous said...

My kids went to the zoo last week and came back a complete mess. You'd think I'd let them roll around in the actual cages with the animals all day. But they really wanted to go to the zoo after they'd been to see The Zookeeper at the movies. My friend pointed out this great giveaway for 2 passes to Zoo New England, which was perfect since it happens to be the zoo where the actual movie was filmed. Check out this link. It was so easy to enter!