Friday, August 26, 2011

I spy...a basket purse?!

Basket Purse - perfect :)
I hate diaper bags.  I know this is a very negative way to start a post, but I am trying to be honest.  I can never find anything in them, or when I do, it's usually some sort of food that has been hiding in it's depths.  It was around Easter time 2011, the boys were almost 18 months old and I had had it with those big bags.  I still needed something to put all the things I needed in my shopping excursions and trips to church.  The answer, as uneventful as it may be, came after I muddled what to do with the girl's Easter baskets.  I love to buy them, but how many more do we need?  Before the the massive Easter clearance, I had a clearly brilliant moment - I can use this basket as an alternative to my diaper bag....I bought one more on clearance and have the one in the photo, white, and pink...I was hooked.

alternative to a diaper bag or purse
Perhaps it's the color, the size, or the cute handle - but this style basket has proven to be a perfect fit.  It's not too big, not too small, it's a great color and it fits everything I need for my twins when I am shopping.  I even had room for a half package of wipes that I forgot to put in these photos. 

Here are my contents:
Here is what I took with me on my last shopping adventure:

Two sippy cups
1 banana with peel
lots of change at the bottom of the basket
My keys
A flower pen
A planner.
A wallet
2 baggies of grapes (sliced)
2 baggies of pretzels
2 fruit snacks
2 Keebler treat bags
2 bottles, just in case!

Hilariously, all items within this basket were consumed on one (1) forty minute Target trip!  ReallY!

fits perfectly

 The basket sits perfectly on the floor on my passenger seat and fits nicely in the shopping cart or underneath my double stroller.  When the contents of the bags and packages are eaten, I use the basket as a temporary garbage and throw everything away on the way out.  Leaving only what wasn't devoured behind!  That usually means my money too!  Surprisingly, I have received tons of great compliments - and that's even with my cute little red heads as a distraction :)

What do you think about diaper bags?
Do you hate or love them?
Would you do this?


donna said...

Such a great idea....

Natasha said...

So clever! I just may have to try this!

Dylana Suarez said...



Melinda said...

I never would have thought of this.

Kim Sue said...

I think a basket is perfect. I have a couple of baskets that I use quite frequently. One is really large that is perfect for "room mom" days when i need to show up with all the stuff needed for a party.

I have another that is a little larger than yours that frequently rides with me in the car but I don't usually get it out of the car. It is the best for loading up several items needed for errands. It keeps them organized, visible and ready for each stop.

Cristin said...

Love baskets!
Much more fun than a diaper bag!

Bad Joan said...