Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Turquoise Hawk and twins.

Nini and Hawk checking out his turquoise hands.

Once upon a time a little boy named Hawk couldn't quite reach high on the counters of his home.  He would try and try but he never quite got his fingers on what his eyes could see.  Day after day he would stand high on his tippy toes hoping to reach the toys, trinkets, and grown-up things. 

One fall day, to his surprise, his tippy toes were just enough to allow him to reach something small and colorful on mom's kitchen counter.  She was busy frosting cupcakes and didn't see his little fingers reach to the counter.  He was curious about this little container filled with wonderful turquoise goo.  Mom didn't catch him until he had ingested it and smeared all that dye all over his hands and mouth.   He was very upset that this cool container wasn't a toy!
Hawk and his Turquoise tongue.
Now Hawk's mommy (me!) watches a little more closely at those cute piggy tippy toes!

As a mother of twins, I still try to take the time to cook and do these extra things when the boys are up.  They are pretty good about running around me and I try to involve them a little.  It's a short time-span, so I try to these things quickly.  Whether it's letting them distroy the cupboard below me or showing them what I am doing.  It's not easy managing this though!  Many times I try, but it just gets too stressful.  I cut corners with store-bought cake mixes or cooking several meals at a time -during naptime. 

Any mischief at your house?
Do you cook with small children?
Or when they are sleeping?!


donna said...
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donna said...

When my kids were little i cooked a lot when they were sleeping, or in front of the TV. : )

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