Saturday, September 3, 2011

Window Shopping.

Window Shopping

 The summer hasn't officially ended for me yet, although the girls have now officially started fourth grade.  As I type, I am sitting miles seaside at a hotel in Maine.  We decided this summer that our vacation would be split up into several smaller ones; and nearer to home.  The boys make it hard to really travel anywhere, so we've kept easier.  We hit the beach earlier in June and now again in September.  Despite my inability to do much with twin boys who do not take direction well -yet!  We made our way to a few fun day adventures, like hitting this NH small town. 

Outdoor Music

It wasn't glamorous, as we couldn't really get into any store because of the double stroller.  The town is on a very steep incline (steep, at least, when you're pushing a stroller up it).  If we were stroller-free and toddler free, it would have been a fun to hit the cute boutiques and have some lunch.  In the end, it- it was fun to get out and about, but I will wait a few years to go back.  We looked around, we came- we saw - we window shopped...

Time to go home!

Adventure was over and we were home for naptime.  This was back in July~!  Late blogging ;)


donna said...

After i have seen all your great pictures, NOW i really want to go to Maine. You need to get your guest-bedroom ready for me.. : )

Bad Joan said...

Great pics!! So cute.