Sunday, November 13, 2011

Penny Candy and the Vermont Country Store.

Just past the Kissing Bridge you'll find this old Mill.

Last Weekend, we were excited to find that our Saturday wasn't filled with sports, or much to do around our farm.  It had been awhile since we piled in our mini-van and took any excursion - so that's just what we did!  We headed up into Rockingham,Vermont to the Vermont Country Store.  This isn't the original, but it was just as fun.  The drive was beautiful, with gorgeous blue skies and colorful leaves still on the trees.  Most of the snow was melted too!

Remember these?  Fisher Price TV - the boys loved it!

Never heard of this cute toy - "BillDing"  cute!
The store is filled with fun, hard-to-find items; as well as, many replicated old toys like the ones above.  We all had a good 30 minutes of fun looking at all the toys and reminiscing too.  We then moved on to the grocery and cheese section where we were certain we didn't need to of eaten any lunch before we came.  Locally made and grown products were available for sampling and there wasn't just a few items - it seemed like almost everything they sold in this section was available for testing - yes, including fudge!

penny candy section!

We knew that we only had a few minutes left before my little twins were going to call it a day.  If Mr. C is with me, I we can go places without a stroller.  If I were to of tried this on my own, it would have been a disaster....but, Mr. C was there and we were able to enjoy almost an hour in the store!  Last we headed to the candy section picking out what we wanted to take with us.  One of the best parts was this section above dedicated to candy at only 1 cent each - can you believe that?  I haven't purchased anything for a penny since .....I can't remember!  What a fun idea and fun area for kids!

The Vermont Country Store
We headed outside to enjoy our spoils and let the kids run around before headed over the Kissing Bridge and Mill.  The boys enjoyed running, eating candy, and the girls followed close behind them - just in case they made a be-line for the parking lot! 

Enjoying a few morsels of candy!

get that energy out!

Just being kids.

Next up was a fun little walk under the Kissing Bridge (couldn't get this photo to print).  You can walk from the Vermont store to the Kissing Bridge and to the old mill in a couple minutes.  It's a nice little walk, but will definitely not burn off the calories from all the tasting and candy you might eat while inside! 

I am so grateful for last Saturday.  It was so fun to "get away" from the norm and see the area we live in.  I am so thankful for my children and my husband and the joy the bring into my life.  Hope everyone is well!  Stop in and say HI!  Would love to hear from you.


Peppermint Patty said...

Jealous! The pictures make me want to go to New England! :)

donna said...

My mom has been getting the vermont country store catalog for years.. LOVE it.. : )

Melinda said...

I love saturdays like this. They don't happen enough and it looks like it was so much fun.