Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree lighting and Advent Calendar.

Tree lighting 

Life in New England right now is pleasant and on the warmer side.  We had a huge winter storm right before Halloween, but you wouldn't know.  All the snow is gone and we haven't seen much of any snow since (which I am more than OK with!)  We headed down to our town's common area for our annual tree lighting ceremony.  Apparently, the pine tree they planted long ago is now too big for the town funds to handle, so they are asking for donations! I'm not sure I'm telling you this, but it was just an interesting anecdote to add! 

All-in-one advent Idea.

I have been searching and researching various advent calendars.  There seems to be one for every theme: scripture advent, Christ advent, candy advent and so on.  I decided that instead of using one of the advent calendars this year I would combine the ones I liked into one.  I picked a scripture advent, service advent, and gift advent.  We have a scripture we read and a service we perform almost daily.  I say "almost" because the ages of my children don't always allow us to "enjoy" the advents contents.  I am hoping someday, we will be more active on the service part of the advent, listen and discuss the scriptures, and enjoy the little presents inside.  Someday, is more like some-days, but it's still fun to have choices. 

 I used a target shoe organizer for the advent.  The red leaves were stenciled on randomly with fabric paint.  I used magnets to secure the little number tags (one inside and one glued to the number tag).   It was pretty simple, just time consuming!  Would love to hear more about your advent ideas and let me know if you decide to use the all-in-one concept!  Email me if you would like the word created tags at

What advent do you use?
What is your favorite advent memory?!

    Family Update:    
The boys are now two years old!
We just put up our Christmas Tree
Michelle just finished putting together
her last RS activity of the Year! whew!

Time to decorate the rest of our own home :)

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