Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decorations.

Dining room table red tree and candle sticks with ribbon around chandelier.

The great thing about photographs is that it doesn't show the mess outside of the photos.  I am finally feeling better, with more energy; but while I was sick, not much cleaning went on in our home.  I did manage to have my husband get out the Christmas boxes and I got to work setting up our decorations.  As long as I didn't have to eat, or clean - I was OK!

Target Berry wreath over mantle (purchased last year)

New decoration:  Simplify Christmas wood frame w/ stencil - love these colors!

Stocking were hung on a ladder this year!
This is more kid safe than hanging it from
our fireplace mantle.  I think Santa can
still find them!

This is our living room with our Christmas tree, we waited to put the star on the tree, because Craig had to go out of
town and we didn't get time to put it up.  He's back and tonight we'll finish decorating the tree!

Last year's card holder was left in our basement and well, ruined.
This one I repurposed from on old mirror and frame.  I took
out the mirror and replaced with canvas and put cork contact paper
on it.  Then a decoupaged fun Christmas paper around it and finished
it with some ribbon.

Our main mantle in living room.
A new decoration:  I'm not sure I like this yet, but it was made
with shatterproof ornaments and glitter snowflakes.  I got the idea from
pinterest (where else, of course!)
This is the girl's little Christmas Tree.  This is my absolute favorite decoration
with their little presents made out of legos!  So sweet.  They had so much fun
putting this together.

Do your kids get along while playing with legos?
What is your favorite decoration in your home?
Have you found any new decor using Pinterest?
Have you ever cropped your photos so the "mess" doesn't show?!


ST said...

Your house is beautiful and so cozy! I want to visit!

donna said...

I love your house.. I have to agree with ST, your HOME looks so cozy! : )

YES i have cropped my photos so NO one will see the mess.....

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

All your decorations look so cute and festive! I am also sick (pregnant) so I can relate with not wanting to do much around the house!

Tysie said...

Oh your blog makes me homesick for Vermont! I love New England! Your house looks perfectly festive and cozy :) Happy Holidays!

Mikki said...

Everything looks beautiful!! I really love the stockings on the ladder! We don't have a mantel this year, so that would be the perfect solution for us. I may have to keep my eyes open for a ladder now.

Holly said...

Everything looks so festive and fun--you've been a busy little bee!

This year we've scaled back on our decor and I've missed it a bit--but not enough to haul it all out. :)

Love the Lego creation! Annelise would have a blast with that--maybe next year.