Monday, January 2, 2012

9 Little Clay Russian Dolls and a bird.

This Christmas I discovered a wonderful medium in natural air drying clay.  It's one of those products you wish you would have found earlier!  These nine little Mytryoshka dolls were sculpted from stone clay and air dried.  I made sure to put wire in the sculpted doll before it dried to hold the ribbon that would eventually allow it to hang on the Christmas tree.  The paint I used went on perfectly with no issues and I finished the ornaments with modge podge.  These ornaments were for a handmade ornament exchange I attended, so I can't wait to make some for me and the girls!

This bird was my first try at using the stone clay.  I tried stamping the wet clay first, but it didn't dry the way I was hoping.  I sanded, painted the bird when finished and found it a nice little home with a special friend.

Here's the clay I used...
do you work with clay?
Is there a better product available?
Tell me about your homemade ornaments!

Happy New Year!

Michelle :)


Rebecca said...

Aww the bird is so cute! I've tried clay but never quite got into it.

Melinda said...

These are really cute Michelle. Well done.

The only homemade ornaments we have are the ones the kids have made at school. I love them.

Lucy said...

sounds too complicated for me but I’m always amazed at what you can do!!

Maddy said...

Those are gorgeous.

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

I love the little bird! ;) I've never used air drying clay before. I do love polymers though, sculpty and I go way back. You have to bake it to dry it out, so it's very forgiving.

Mikki said...

Great job! I especially love the Mytryoshka dolls. So cute!

Mikki said...
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