Friday, January 20, 2012

Quiet Toddler Activity

Match the shapes!

Match cut shapes to shapes sewn on fabric.

So excited to tell you about this handmade embroidery hoop shapes activity for toddlers.  I have been searching for a quiet activity I can do with my boys during our one hour and fifteen minute church service.  While our church lasts longer than this, it's the time in which everyone gathers together and it's very quiet (except for my boys!)  This particular activity I put together using my felt, material, and an embroidery hoop I already had at my home.

I cut the material and fastened in the hoop.  I used pinking shears to cut the extra fabric.  The rest was about cutting out the shapes and sewing one square, one circle, and one triangle onto the hoop.  Posting more toddler activities next week!

What is your favorite activity with your toddler?


Melinda said...

This is so cute! You are so darn creative!!

donna said...

I agree with Melinda,"You are so darn creative!!"

Cristin said...

That would be a fun idea for a 'busy bag' swap.