Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney Rally: Showing kids the importance of a Presidential Election.

 What's in this post:
How our family handled the Republican Primary election in NH,
photos, autograph from Mitt Romney, sample ballot
for our children so they can make their vote.

Cici's "pretend" text while we wait for the rally to start.
Our girls have been very fascinated by all the election and Primary talk around our state. They’ve asked questions, and made bold statements about the candidates they like or don’t like. It has been a joy see both of them become opinionated and more curious.  Last week, we had the opportunity to take them to a Mitt Romney rally.  We felt that this would be a great way to put learning into real experience. 


Don't look at me - not a good photo - check out those excited faces on Cici and Nini!

We talked all the way to the rally, letting there opinions fly.  We enjoyed looking at all the TV vans and feeling the excitement of the whole event.  The atmosphere inside the town hall was easy going, yet highly organized.  We tried setting our sights on several locations to get our view of Romney, but were finally given a perfect view by a lovely gentlemen working at the rally. 

The Papparazzi!

One of my favorite things to do was look at all the cameras and people working the news stations.  It was really enjoyable to watch and alot of fun to watch the news later to see if we were on TV (we weren't!)

McCain came to endorse Mitt.

We weren't expecting anyone other than Mitt to speak, so it was a nice surprise to see McCain come on into the rally endorsing Mitt (we hadn't watched the news yet that day!)  The girls took in, perhaps not what he said, but the whole event.  They listened, looked around, and stood still (who new) for the entire time.  We were all set to go home, when one of our favorite babysitters (who had come with her dad) asked if we could help take a photo for her with Romney. The crowds had already swarmed around Romney and we weren't sure if we could get up to the stage area before Mitt left.  We made our way up and were thinking that we weren't going to get a chance to get the photo, when Romney turned and almost like Moses parting the red sea (or so it seemed!), put his hand through the crowd to shake the girl's hands!  It was too awkward an angle to get a good photo... 

Romney giving the girl's his autograph (they are at the bottom of the photo)
Romney handing his autograph to them!

Ms. C (fav babysitter) with Romney!

They weren't shy, answering yes,smiling, and being very well mannered. He smiled and handed back a card he had taken and signed for the girls.  Right after, our favorite babysitter got her photo op (that's me behind the lens!)  AND Nini and Cici (nini pictured below) got her autograph for the candidate she would vote for if she could.   

Nini and Romney's autograph!

 I've printed off a sample ballot I found by just googling "sample ballot January 10 NH" and will give it to the girls tomorrow so that they can place their vote for the candidate they want - it's only fair, they get a voice!  I'm excited to see what they've decided!

Are you voting soon?
Are your children excited?
Have different opinions on the primary, than you?


Melinda said...

This is such a cool thing to do with your kids! How fun! They will always remember this.

donna said...

that is very very cool......
Mitt 2012...