Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yellow and Blue= Southern France
Feeling blissfully blessed to have found this reversible comforter and three blue pillows for under $35.00!  Just because I got such a great deal, I also bought the yellow flower pillow too (not much patience with the yellow pillow purchase since I bought it at full price).   Every so often, it is fun to go down those inside aisles of Target and just see what deals are available.  These colors remind me of our trip to Southern France!  Yellow and Blue, to me, = Southern France :)

What does yellow and blue remind you of?!


Twins Squared said...

I love yellow and blue! So cheery. So French country. I've never done those colors (well sort of in one bathroom but it has some other shades of blue as well). Anyway, I love seeing home decor. Very cute. I think those colors remind me most of a college friend.

Twins Squared said...

Oh yeah, I also love paisley and sunflowers. Nice combo!