Friday, March 30, 2012

Life by iPhone.

Despite having not posted much this year, our family has been up to a lot!  Blogging is still fun for me, but with blogging friends and family having "moved-on" from commenting here and life "moving quickly" - perhaps I'm not as fanatical about posting as I used to be.  What about you?!  I do sincerely appreciate friends who do stop-in and check-up on us - it really makes my day!  For Christmas, Craig surprised me with an iPhone.  I prominently lost it in an American Girl Store bathroom. I realized it was gone just 10 minutes later, but it was too late.  Some little girl, or mom, decided to take it and I haven't seen it since.  Smart as Craig is, fortunately he did purchase an insurance plan with it!

Thankfully I have not lost it, nor left it anywhere since!  I have, however, taken many photos, and I will share with you the best!  These range from January to present day of 2012 - enjoy!

Cici and Nini @ a local college girl's basketball game.  We felt it was
good for them to see a "big girl" game.  Nini is keeping track
of the points on an old blackberry phone!

Cold Hands, were a big deal this winter.  The best solution - socks.
Mr. T is sporting a pair in this photo.

This is how I shop, and this is also how mom uses the restroom
without two little boys climbing under the stalls!

Cici and Nini getting their "orange belts" in Karate!  They've loved it
until recently, and now they want to quit.  We are giving it another month,
and we'll see what happens.

Mr. T and Hawk off another hike with mom.

Sunday "fort" play!

Wendy, our early invention specialist for Mr. T and Hawk.
They are both late talkers, especially Mr. T.  While Hawk has
picked up words, Mr. T is still only saying parts of words.
He communicates well in other ways, thankfully.  He sees
a speech specialist this Monday - we'll see what she says!

Fun with the girls while at the Largest Arcade in the World
in Northern NH!

Cici and Hawk snuggling :)

Sugaring-off this year yielded just over a gallon of syrup.
Since we are a very small operation - it took four over the fire
boilings for our sap to get only a gallon! 

Hawk and Mr. T asleep after a big day out at Costco.

Church, then play, then fall in the mud in our church clothes!
Little Hawk :)

Cici and Hawk playing!

A photo of our small New England town at sunrise, while

Are you still an avid blogger?
How has blogging changed since you first started?
Do you take lots and lots and lots of photos with your phone?!


Carolee said...

Blogging has definitely changed for me. I am lucky if I get a few post in a year! I know my mom is not happy about that:) I still like checking in on your family and all of your great New England pictures.

Michelle Alley said...

A few posts a year seems to be where I'm headed! It was nice hearing from you :)

Darlene Bond said...

Love them!