Thursday, March 15, 2012

No set instructions.

I have to pinch myself daily to believe that we are living in New England in March with no snow on the ground and 60 degree temperatures.  We've done our sugaring-off early, we've been playing outside with short sleeve shirts, and enjoying a little more light in our days.  It's quite Heavenly!

Our family is good.  We've just celebrated our two-year anniversary after moving from Montreal.  Our move here not only marked the birth of our 2nd set of twins, but a whole new journey in raising not two, but four children.  I wake-up on some days ready to go, everyone seems to fall in line, we get to school on time, and there are minimal fights, tantrums, and issues.  On other days, there is drama, tantrums, and problems falling on top of each other throughout the day.  The hardest part has been learning how to create order in a very chaotic environment.  Twins do not come with one set of instructions, neither does the added emotions of being adopted, which two of my four deal with daily.  

I am naturally not an organized person, but raising four children has encouraged me to find more ways to create order.  I've been finding that labeling everything from laundry baskets to closet organizers, helps me quickly put away items in the right order and place.  I promise I won't label my children though (unlike this post from 2008), I know where they go, honestly!

Laundry basket labels using laminated luggage tags from Target.

Are you a naturally organized person?
Do you believe children come with their own blueprints, or if you've
raised one you can raise another?
Do you have twins?!


Twins Squared said...

Yes I think having multiples causes me to be more orderly (and controlling) than I otherwise would be. It's the only way I CAN have control. Not that my house is totally orderly. In fact it's quite the opposite but little by little we are getting more in order.

So if I read this correctly, did you adopt a set of twins and then give birth to a set of twins?

And yes I WISH children came with their own blueprints because they are definitely not all alike! Although what's weird is that my twins are like replicas of the first set. The first set are total opposites and the second set mirror them. Like the wrong ones were paired up!

Melinda said...

I have learned that every child is totally different and what worked on one doesn't mean it will work on another. I have to be organized with life, I have two separate calendars, make lots of lists and I love my labeler.

Oh and by the way, my laundry baskets are labeled also! Each child needs to know which basket is there's and I know who has left their baskets laying around!

donna said...

Labeling laundry baskets, wonderful idea......