Thursday, October 3, 2013

Brown Paper Packages.

Love Basket

My favorite things are wrapped in the Fall season.  Not only do I get to celebrate Mr. C's birthday and my beauties birthday; I get to spend day after day viewing the beauty of the changing New England leaves. I will post this years fall photos in an upcoming post!

This year I decided I would let go of traditional wrapping paper for birthdays and come up with a more economical option.  I found within my craft supplies brown shipping paper and I knew instantly that this was it!  I picked up another roll at Walmart for under $5 (and still have most of the roll left).  

I wrapped each small gift in the brown paper, drew a heart, and wrote about the things that we love about them.  I am calling it The Birthday Love Basket.  It's almost as if Julie Andrews herself is singing the song My favorite things including the part where she belts out brown paper packages tied up with string these are a few of my favorite things!   

Mr. C's cherry pie and birthday love basket.

The beauties turned 11 this year!  I started this blog in 2007 when the girls were five and now they are full fledged 11 year old girls.  Here is a link to their fifth birthday HERE.  It's completely throwing me off thinking that I have had this blog this long.  I enjoyed scaling back this year on wrapping paper, balloons, and decorations and trying my hand at a few handmade decorations.  The brown paper garland was fun to make!

Cici and Nini's brown paper garland.
Then I used the brown paper and made little paper sentiments to them; taping them around the room.  Mr. C picked them up from school and took them to the batting cages.  Then they picked up Chinese food and came home.  This is when I surprised them with their love baskets, store bought cake ( much better than I could  make!), and decorations.  I barely had enough time to put it together and was throwing away the scraps just as they walked in the door!

paper sentiments
There has been a lot of joy and appreciation this year for the opportunities we have to be together.  I can say without a doubt that we have been blessed during this time of upheaval.  We have found a renewed sense of family and togetherness that maybe we weren't paying attention to before Mr. C's job relocation.  We are lucky to have him home for the next three weekends! The in between parts will be filled with Halloween costumes, school, activities, and there is even a girls night in the works for this girl!

The beauties and Mr. C on their 11th birthday!

One last peek!

Thank you for sticking with a happy heart blog!



Cristin said...

Happy B'day to your sweet girls!

Melinda said...

This is such a great idea and I love it. I hope the girls had a great birthday!

donna said...

Hope your girls had a wonderful B-day....

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