Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day Five: The littlest Angel

The book, The Littlest Angel , was always stored in my parents upstairs hall closet. This closet always seemed to be filled with so many fun treasures, and this book was one of them. I remember was stored in my parents hallway closet. Every Christmas and even during the year, I remember pulling this book out of the shelf and just being enamoured by the story of this little boy angel. Have you heard of this book? There are several published reprints, but it's this 1946 cover that I remember most. Unfortunately, this is not my photo, I took it off ebay, where I am hoping to find the copy that will be ours!

Here is the amazon description of the book:

It tells of a small angel who simply can't get with the program no matter how hard he tries until an understanding elder realizes that he is homesick and is able to retrieve a box of his most treasured possessions from "back home." When it comes time for Jesus to be born on Earth, the Littlest Angel gives his precious box to the Baby, but he is worried that God will think his gift too humble. However, God is pleased indeed, and transforms the box into the Star of Bethlehem. The writing style is rather ornate and full of grandiose words and phrases, but some children will love to hear it read aloud. The oil paintings are muted and full of texture, and not at all sentimental. The celestial choir is multicultural, and the Littlest Angel has red shorts peeking out of his robe.
Do you own this book?
Have you heard of it?
What was your last ebay book find?

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crystal said...

I DO remember this story! I haven't seen it for years! Do you have a copy?