Thursday, January 3, 2008

Daddy, the human plow.

While tubing in the Adirondacks Saturday, Craig made himself useful by becoming a human plow. It was the girls first time tubing and first time doing any amount of long distance downhill sledding. They pulled our tubes up by a pulley system and we promptly got out and headed down the hill, each in our own tubes - the girls did great! We went back up for a second time, Cici was first, than me. At the bottom of the hill, I was able to watch Nini come down and Craig, on separate turns. Nini upon completing the hill and stopping at the bottom, got-up, but didn't move out of the way. I was busy helping Cici out of the way of people, when I turned around, just in time to see Craig plow right into Nini - sending her flying feet first in the air, with her head hitting the snow first. An onlooker, cried, "Wo, who ran into her?" I promptly replied, "her daddy!" and with his "ohh." - I ran to help them.

Craig's thought was that since he couldn't stop in time, he would pick her up with him and take her the rest of the way. Instead, his tube hit hers and the before mentioned action occurred. Poor Nini, was a bit dazed and I'm sure in shock. All is well, though, no injuries, and she still loves her daddy! After tubing, we headed to the Lake Placid golf course to finish the day with some sledding and trying the girls on their new snow boards.

Ausable River, Adirondacks - NY. December 2007

I am planning on getting out tonight for a run, but, it's zero degrees today! I checked the weather and they said it may be zero, but it feels like -17! So, I'll go, but I guarantee you, my cheeks will be a lot more rosey upon my return than last time! I will be writing the other five resolutions as I prepare them for the year! Thanks for your encouragment!

Have you ever gone tubing?
Any cool sledding accidents?
How cold is it where you live?


andrea said...

I've never tried tubing with the pulley but a couple of ski resorts near us offer this option. It looks fun. I'm so glad Nini wasn't hurt. Fun winter times and good job with your freezing running. If you can run in a foot of snow in zero degrees you should have no problem accomplishing your goal.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Tubing is so fun, but can get a little scary with wee ones! Glad no one was injured!

Running in zero degrees? Now that is dedication, my friend! I have been inside a WARM gym! Good luck!

Holly said...

0 degrees, but it feels like 17? My brain just can't process that!

Glad y'all had such a fun time sledding--I've only done that once--in college.

SHERI said...

When I was 12 years old I went to my first mutual activity. It was snow tubing. I flew off a cut my head open on a rock. My mom stop counting the stiches after 100!! Yea- Not a big fan of snow tubing to this day.

Glad no one got hurt!

Melinda said...

I am actually so scared of tubbing or sledding. My friend was in a bad accident where she hit a tree and had some major brain damage so we don't go to many places for sledding. Just around here. I am boring and a not fun mom when it comes to the winter sports!

Lauralee said...

Have you ever gone tubing?yes, we love it..
Any cool sledding accidents?it does scare me a bit, there was a kid growing up who hit a tree and has brain damage.. from that.. so I didn't go for a long time after that happened..
How cold is it where you live? maybe in the 40's I don't really know.. it is fairly warm, the wind is blowing like crazy.. we haven't had much of snow, or ice this winter.. which is kinda nice.. cause you know around here, if there is snow on the ground everything stops!

crystal said...

Zero degree running? You're a die-hard. I skulked indoors at the first snowfall dusting. Are you planning to run in SNOWSHOES this time?....or just boots, as usual? :)

Those big tubing hills scare me! I have no injuries myself to report, but my very good friend hit a tree while skiing a few years ago and had to be lifeflighted off the mountain.


michelle said...

I LOVE tubing! The kids went while we were in Utah. It was so cold that day, I just watched. :) I have to tell you, I am SO impressed with your running!!!!! Good work!

Amanda :-) said...

I didn't understand your title til I started reading. It's 'plough' here, that's why. But OUCH! I'm glad all was well in the end.

I haven't done any kind of snow stuff like that, but I remember when I worked in the east of Holland, I queued up for a zigeuner broodje at lunchtime, wearing a short grey fitted jacket and thought, 'Yipes, it's nippy'. Then turned to see one of those electronic temperature boards and it read '-12'. Yes, MINUS 12. At lunchtime. And then I felt bone-numbingly frozen to the core. So thank you, oh wonderfully-informative digital board, for making me instantly feel like I was dying! Haha. It's mind over matter, Michelle. Run like the wind!

Marie said...

Oh what a funny story! My kids really like toboggoning, but we've never used tubes to slide the slopes. I am sure they would like it, unless they got knocked down and got snow in the faces, a la daddy.

I hope you are having a happy new year!

donna said...

Hello, how did i miss all your post!!!!!!!

What you ran in zero degrees. OH my!!!!! That is amazing :)
If you are ever in my town. We will need to run together:)

Fun pictures :)

Mandy said...

This story is so funny to me! I remember sledding when I was little and as I was climbing the hill, another sled came down and scooped me up. I remember yelling for my dad. I was so freaked out!

Barb said...

I have wanted to try this - some ski hills have tubing lifts but I never get off my skis. I'm glad everyone was okay.

Kelly said...

Exciting about your upcoming Etsy shop!

I'm glad everyone was okay. I don't have much tubing experience, but last year the girls went sledding down the hill in our yard, and Brynlee was going straight for one of our deck posts. After that we got out the helmets. Yikes!

No, it's not cold here. Just typical Portland rainy winter weather. Zero sounds bad, but not as bad as -17. Eek! Stay warm.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love tubing! Never been on a hill where your tube is pulled up for ya {that would be nice}. Just tubed on our hill as a kid.

jenny said...

Tubing is by far my favorite thing to do in the snow. I won't bother telling you how warm it is here. My air just kicked on--how crazy is that?