Monday, February 18, 2008

A Sunny contest...for a Sunny Day Pillow!

Michelle: lineuponline was the winner of this sunny day pillow last year!

After writing my last post, and proceeding to read other posts, I realized that I wasn't the only one with a headache, a backache, a cold, the flu, various trials, and plain down right and dirty winter blues. My first thought was that I needed a blogging break, it would help my headaches not to stare at a computer. My second thought was I need to see dirt or pavement. Snow covers everything from the 8 feet of snow in our yard to the streets, the sidewalks, or pathway, everywhere is white. My third thought was that I needed non-radiated, non forced-air heat, from that thing called the sun!
This is the Sunny Contest designed to help everyone see the sun and shake off the cold winter. Here's how to enter: Open the comments section of this post and answer this question: If you had a friend depressed by the dulls of winter, what advice would you give her? I will not end the contest until at least 20 separate people comment (no repeats) or until February 24th at 11:00 p.m. All comments will be published on my blog on February 25th, where everyone who commented will be invited back to pick the person who gave the best advice. Who ever received the most picks, will be the winner of a sunny day pillow and the honor of being cheering a friend in need!
What is your advice for overcoming the winter blues?
P.s. My sister, Jennifer, has finally given up and succombed to the preassure of starting her own blog. She will no longer be a lurker, but a full fledged blogger! A talented woman like this has to be on the net! Pop over and say HI, she just put her first post up! Click here!


linda said...

I need to put on my thinking cap because I love that pillow!

donna said...

Hmmm. this is a hard one. For the last week, my house has been full of sick family members with the the flu! We all have the winter blues.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I never realized HOW much the sun or lack thereof affected people. I read on another blog that there is an offical name for the "winter blues". What advice would I give a friend thus afflicted..... Well the obvious one whould be to visit someplace that the sun is shining, like Austrailla, but who has money to pop over the ocean for a bit of sun? Not me! So back to the question ... what advice? Get involved in something that makes her feel good and to enjoy the sun when it peeks out from behind the winter storm clouds. When she feels it's about to take over call an upbeat friend, go shopping, and or have lunch with that friend. Smile and sing "The sun will come out tomorrow"! :)

annalisa said...

A lot of people get depressed in winter. It's hard, but the best advice really is a vacation. Go somewhere where the sun shines. I wish it were cheaper than that :). I normally just hedge through counting down the days until spring.

SHERI said...

Wow- this is a tough one for me. AZ girls don't even know what winter blues are! So my advice would probably make you feel worse than better.

Why don't you come visit me in AZ?? The weather is beautiful here. Or how about Hawaii. Maybe you just need to be a snowbird. Come here for the winter!

I do feel bad for you. I think I would probably be feeling blue too. I hope you at least start feeling better. Things always seem worse when you physical don't feel well.