Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dressed to clean.

I purchased a black dress the other day - knit, v-neck, waisted -no ties no frills; but absolutely cute and comfortable. I wore it all day, wrapped an apron around me when I was playing with food or cleaning, took a quick nap in it, watered the lawn in it - and even laid grass seed in it. My husband was shocked that I wore a dress today and a friend asked me bluntly - why are you all dressed up today? Dressed was exactly what I felt I did! I am happy that dress fashions are becoming more modest and comfortable. So why don't I wear dresses more often; here is my pro and con list for being a woman and mother in a dress:


Getting dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and a modest shirt; isn't it much more difficult than throwing on a one piece dress?
It's stylish and chic.
Not to mention much cooler than layering a skirt and shirt or jeans.
You can easily change from day to night with the right shoe.
An apron looks fab with a dress. It's not as confining as other clothing although that leads to my con list...

Cute dresses at BodenUSA. Thanks Natasha for your link on your sidebar!

Picking a non-durable fabric - like linen may easily wrinkle your dress.
You might be told you look like a 1950's wife (yes, straight from Craig's mouth!)

Today, I've been a bit under the weather - so the dress made me feel like I at least looked good!

Would you wear a dress to clean, bake, or lounge around in?
What is your favorite style of dress?
Do you think they are practical?


Marmee said...

I love dresses, esp. comfy ones. At least your not required to wear nylons with them any more! ;o)

My grandmother wore nylons every single day of her adult life! I don't even own a single pair.

Marie said...

Someday I will spend the money to revamp my wardrobe. I seriously dislike most of the things I own. I would love to have some casual dresses to wear for 'no reason.'

I think looking like a 50s housewife can be a good thing. I do admire the hair-always-done-ness of it all.

Barb said...

I am working on dressing cute every day, instead of grunging it. It is hard work, but I feel so good!

Elise said...

Since becoming a SAHM I have worn less dresses than I used to.

When we're at home I always wear comfortable clothes, never a dress, because I spend a lot of time playing with my little girl on the floor, doing crafty stuff etc.

Recently I have started thinking that I need more practical, yet stylish dresses for when we go shopping or visiting. I don't like to always wear pants and shorts.


Amie said...

I do feel so much better when I try to dress cute (harder than it sounds for me).... I love that you wore a cute dress all day and that it made you feel good!

michelle said...

I love dresses, and skirts. In the summer time I tend to wear a few summer skirts that are cute with t-s. I think that they are so comfy! I am happy that your dress made you happy! :) I hope what ever is making you under the weather passes super soon. Have a wonderful weekend Michelle :)

Jennfer said...

there's nothing better than a comfy dress. that's funny that your neighbor noticed. you otta dress up everyday you work in your yard!

crystal said...

I love how you included vintage pictures--wearing a dress for everyday DOES make one hearken back to a bygone era, doesn't it? I'm sure you looked so cute and put together.

Holly said...

I love the dress idea, in theory. The look is polished, pulled together and classic--even with a simple, simple dress.

I like skirts with nice Ts and ballet flats. I imagine I look like Audrey Hepburn, even though I know I don't--I like to dream.

Laurie said...

What a great idea. I'd love to wear dresses and skirts more often, but I always end up feeling so self-concious. But they are easier and more comfortable and make you feel more feminine. You may have just inspired me to get over that self-conciuosness and go for it this summer.

Love the visuals in this post too!

Melinda said...

If I looked cute in dresses I would wear them a lot. There are so many cute ones that they have now. I love that you wore yours to do everything! I feel so much cuter and more feminine in dresses.

Bren's Life said...

Happy Birthday Michelle! Hope your having a Great day. Hope your getting spoiled...

Claudissima said...

oh i loved loved dresses for so long, but then took a love for skirts...and since I gained so much weight with the kids...I have resorted to pants and shorts...but I think i look forward to dressing up! again, even though there is no reason for it, it just makes you feel femine and pretty

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I feel like I'm ready for church or a date in a dress. I do find my lava-lavas to be quite comfy. Loved the vintage pix.