Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Thanksgiving, the 4th, and Memorial Day are holidays that we do not have off here in Canada. Although, I won't be attending any festivities, I would still like to say how much I am grateful for all our blessings; especially the blessing of freedom. I know that I am no poet, but here goes:

Memorial Day
We need to know all the faces, places, and spaces
where men and women brave;
fighting, saving, dying;
comrades falling, missing home;

We must understand the reasons,
passing the seasons;
forgiving, reliving, forgetting,remembering,
believing if not for them,
freedom would exist only in hope.

I am very far away from knowing anyone who is serving in the military at this time. My husband's cousin Anita, has five of her 7 children serving. Each of her sisters, Karen and Debbie, have at least one serving. I've met them several times and know that this must be a huge sacrifice and stress for their families. My father was in the Air Force 5th bomb wing in the early 60's working on B-52 bombers. For Christmas one year, Craig crafted and carved gun handles for my father. They turned out really cool! I'll have to find a photo of them.
Craig's father was sent to Germany and France during the late 50's and early 60's in the Army 249th Engineer Battalion and served until he retired as a Drill Sergeant in the Army Reserves. I love this collection of his father's military patches and medals, as he did this for a scout project when he was a boy, I feel it just makes it more of a forever family treasure. We put it into a shadow box frame a couple of years ago to preserve it and display it.

Take care on this Memorial Day 2008.


michelle said...

Have a wonderful Memorial Day! This moring I have been reflecting on all that the men, and women have done to serve our country. It truely is amazing.

I am so glad you recieved your good mail. The picture of the girls is so cute! :)

linda said...

Hi Michelle,

Your poem was lovely...thank you for sharing it with us. I love how you are displaying your Father-in-Law's metals/ribbons. It's so important for us to realize and to remember just how lucky and blessed we are to live in this free country of ours. I am so grateful for our men and women who serve, on our behalf.

Yes, isn't the song Cinderella just beautiful. My heart aches for the Chapman family. I've been diligently keeping them in my prayers.

Marie said...

Freedom is a great blessing we enjoy in North America. Bought at an expensive price.

We have Remembrance Day in Canada, but I know the US has Memorial day, and Veteran's Day. What is the difference between them?

Marie said...

PS: We do have Thanksgiving here! It is just in October instead of November. But I will grant you, it isn't as big of a deal as I understand it to be in the States.

Bren's Life said...

Good job at the poem.. Love it!
Love the shadow box, how neat to have those..
I've never been to Canada but have heard how beautiful it is there...
Did I email you to tell you I'd love to be invited to your blog once you go private?
I know I started to, but ? if I did...

Laurie said...

I love your poem. What a poignant post.