Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chilly BBQ: Ten ways to beat the winter cold.

It is so easy to get caught up in the complexities of day to day life. Be it what's for dinner, money, or bigger more life changing occurrences. I find it more difficult to sustain a good mood when faced with this cold chilly weather that seems to take up 1/2 of the year! Here are some ways to deal with the cold and keep life going at a happy even pace:

1. Have a chilly BBQ. It may be -10 degrees, but who says you can't have a nice hot steak for dinner?

2. Keep a clean organized home. By keeping the inside clean and organized, you won't feel so closed in. Open the curtains, sit by a sunny window, and enjoy those moments you can spend on a comfy couch reading.

3. Read a good book.

4. Start a mother's group or craft club. One of my callings at church is enrichment coordinator. With an influx of new mothers and lots of new babies in our ward, our Thursday mother's group is going to keep me busy.

5. Meet for lunch or get out with friends. Sure it's cold, but the malls aren't! Take time to find people with common ground and can understand. The women in this photo are all transplants from Australia, England, other parts of Canada, and the states. Who better to understand than them!

6. Pizza night. Every Friday is Pizza night at our home. It's when we say, whew! We made it through the week - let's eat pizza! Find something you like to make or eat, and make a tradition.

7. Exercises. Twice a week I do The Firm at a friends. I will write a whole post about this, but find a way to enjoy that treadmill sitting in your basement. Read while you walk, or tape your favorite show - you can get moving!
8. Photograph. With the blessings of digital cameras, life has become an almost daily record of photos. It's easy to remember the dull winter days, but photos like this only happen in the cold. I have a great story about this one too! When you look back, maybe it wasn't such an awful dreary winter after all!

9. Get out and help. There is nothing more wonderful than helping someone in need. Not everyone has the ability get through the winter or hard times of life like you, reach out during these long winter months and bring warmth to those around you.

10. Hug your children. Your children love you and it's got to make you feel good. Just walking into my children's room brings a sense of peace to my heart and soul. I love to hug them and help them, it's who I am and I will always feel blessed to be around them. A good cuddle with your kids is an easy fix to a cold winter day!

I hope this helps!
From a mom living it up in the cold!


Nikki said...

Great tips- I need them. I'm getting the winter blahs and totally unmotivated to do anything. I will use your list!

Bren's Life said...

Thanks for the tips.. Is that snow picture by you? Wow - Why is it look green too?

Kim Sue said...

It is hard to imagine your winters. It has to be tough to be motivated to get out and do. Today the highs here were in the high 20's. That is COLD for us and I didn't want to do anything but come home and put warm comfy clothes on and snuggle under a blanket. But by the weekend the highs are going to be in the 60's. Everyone will be looking for wonderful things to do outside.

Cristin said...

I have to say I love the look of snow and all the cute winter clothing...but this time of year, I'm glad I live in a warm climate! Looks like you make the best of it, and enjoy the season!

dani said...

cuddles do equal warm and fuzzy:) and with the winter we've had over the last week and a half (ha!!!), we need all the warm and fuzzy we can get!!!
much love,

Lauralee said...

oh I feel for you... looks like you know how to make the best of it.. that picture of the snow/ice.. what is that? oh I hope it warms up soon!

Jennfer said...

Oh baby it's cold up there! 10 degrees bbq? Awesome!

Don't hate me, but today it's going to get up to 67 here.

Natalie said...

Just what I needed to read on a sunny, but cold, winter's day to cheer me up. (#5's my favorite!)

donna said...

thanks for all the wonderful winter tips. I never thought about BBQ in the winter. Hmmm we may have to try that next year. I think our winter here is Washington is almost over. :)!!!!!

Melinda said...

Holy cow it is cold there! I thought it was bad here. We try to bbq during the winter. It just taste so much better.

I need to get on that treadmill now that I have a tv in front of it!

Marie said...

Wonderful suggestions all! I hope you find a ray of sunshine soon and spring doesn't wait until May to hit Montreal!

Natasha said...

Great ideas, Michelle! We do pizza night also every Wednesday. The kids look forward to it all week.

leanne c said...

I love this post michelle.