Friday, August 28, 2009

More than surviving.

Our family has received more than just a little help throughout my pregnancy. Here are a few things and people that have helped us more than just survive...

A good pizza and a salad has got us by many a night. My favorite plain old cheese!

All this photo needs is a red cape...Craig has been a super hero during these past months. From grocery shopping to laundry to riding bikes with the girls - he has truly been a wonderful help. He also had to drive his mom across the country, all while suffering from an awful case of poison ivy he got at Acorn Cottage. I just love this man!
This hasn't been used as much as I would have liked. But starting next week, it will be our primary source of dinners. I'm tired of pizza! I've planned several meals that Craig will help with, but that I can put together in 10 minutes.

Lovingly named the "clipper dipper", this dollar store find has been a helpful addition to our house. We have one on each floor and I use them everyday. I am not supposed to lean over - so what can a girl do -but use this clipper dipper!

These superheros come in a smaller package. From helping organize the refrigerator to taking the garbage out, Cici and Nini have been absolutely wonderful helpers. I've taken them with me to my appointments so that they can hear first hand what the doctors are saying about my bed rest. They certainly understood and have been fantastic. Here they are getting the refrigerator ready for the groceries that Craig had to buy at 8:00 p.m. last night. The most I could do was sit with my clipper dipper and point! Heaven help me!

Unexpected help has come our way several times. An old friend I hadn't seen in three months came by with a rice and chicken dinner and these Ukrainian dessert pancakes. I know she is going through a lot and I was blown away that she would take the time to bring dinner. I'll get the recipe from them, because they are sooo good!


donna said...

that "clipper dipper is so cool! :)
Cici and Nini are going to be such big wonderful big sisters to their younger brothers.

Melinda said...

We have the clipper dipper and I LOVE it. We got ours from disneyland over 8 years ago. BLake wanted it something bad and it was 5$ so he bought it. He has been a life saver with getting things behind the washing machines.

I am so glad you are getting so much help. It would be so hard to be down for so long.

brooke said...

I'm glad you are getting some help--it would be so hard to not be able to bend down! My toddler wants me to hold him 24/7 so I should buy one of those grabber things.

Your twins are adorable...I love that you were adopted with a sibling too. That is really neat that your girls will know that you understand so much about adoption.

The headbands are so cute--I may have to try to make some for my daughter.

Claudissima said...

ohhhh my what a fantastic seem to be surrounded by love and having a love and support of a husband is sooo crucial, specially in pregnancy. I am glad you are in good hands, those look yummy! and the girls what a great aid and help. I am happy to hear you are doing well my friend, keep it up.

Marie said...

Its a bird! It's a plane! No, its Michelle's family! I'm so glad you've been surrounded by superheros!

bookjourney said...

Love the pic of the crock pot... truly is a lifesaver in my home many times. :)

Holly said...

How wonderful for you to be surrounded by such love and support from family and friends!! Nini and Cici look so proud of themselves to be helping Mommy and their soon to arrive sweet brothers. Precious girls!