Friday, December 11, 2009

A snip, snip and the Olympic Torch

Waiting for the Olympic Torch

Craig has been out of town all week (he can sure pick them!) But fortunately, I haven't been alone with my mother-in-law picking up the girls from school and helping out if I need to do an errand. The heater in our van picked Craig's departure week to go out, so I have been reluctant to make any trips in fear of freezing the little sprouts! He also was out-of-town for the boys circumcisions. They do not do this procedure in the hospital, it takes an out-patient procedure at the children's hospital or speciality clinic. I took the boys down on Tuesday with my friend Jo on hand to help if needed. I am so thankful she had the the idea to volunteer, because I would have most likely done it on my own and been sorry I did. I requested that I not be in the room when they "snip..snip", but yea, I was forced to stay in the room - lucky me. They didn't sleep much Tuesday or Wednesday, but another friend came by this week and stayed while I took a three hour nap. That was a complete godsend, as it was more sleep than I had all week!

Thursday, my MIL, watched the boys while I walked to the girl's school to meet them for a special event. The Olympic torch was coming through our village in Montreal. They released the children early so that they could, with their parents, go and see it. We waited for about an hour in the cold before the parade and torch crossed our path. It was a lot of fun to be out with the girls - they were extremely excited to have me to themselves!

Ms. Nini and Cici were in good spirits, despite the cold.

Me and the girls.

Coca Cola rally before the Torch.

Here it comes!

How is everyone?
Are you ready for Christmas?


Nicole said...

Glad you got out. It's good for the soul to get out of the house-though so hard to do with little ones.

Melinda said...

You look way too good to have just had twins!!

How cool to have seen the Olympic torch!

I am so glad you have had good friends and family help you out and to get naps in. I hope Craig is back and able to help out.

Natalie said...

You're looking great. Wish I was there to lend a hand and cover for a nap or two! Take care!

We're just about ready for Christmas... It all depends on what I'm willing to drop from my to-do list. :)

crystal said...

I agree with Natalie--I'm starting to prioritize and drop things. I'm trying really hard to do less which involves taking me away from the kids.

You look gorgeous!

Claudissima said...


Cristin said...

How fun to get out for a little bit...with your sweet girls!

Your boys are DARLING!

Full home.Full hands.Full hearts!

Congratulations! So happy for you all!

Marie said...

How exciting to see the Olympic torch!

Ya, I'm about ready. Still have some wrapping to do, but that is about it. How about you?

Elise said...

Hi Michelle

I am so happy to hear that you have some very supportive family and friends around. That makes all the difference.

Your girls will always remember that you were with them when they saw the Olympic torch. What a special day and good on you for braving the cold and going out when you have only just had the boys.