Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Driving for a home.

Pulling this cart out of the Residence Inn in Mass. this weekend was difficult with the cold wind and bumps in the cement making the bags and things fall off onto the ground. It was a challenge but one well worth the effort...effort that I hope will lead to a home for this Happy Heart family. Once again, I find myself and my four littles in our mini-van heading south across the Canadian border to Massachusetts. It was our fourth journey down to our new home location, but this time, we didn't have a home we could call our own. Our beautiful colonial New England home did not appraise for a value worth the home owner's time and have since refused to sell it. We were devastated, but hopeful this weekend that something would come about - after all, this must be happening for a reason ( even if to show us patience!)

This is what our family looks like to others. You can imagine the comments and questions we receive! What you don't see are the bottles, diapers, clothes, toys and such that are attached to that stroller - it's quite the set-up! I wised up this time and had room to fit my MIL who stayed at the hotel with all four kids for most of Saturday while we madly went looking for another home. This time the homes were all located in Massachusetts. We were hopeful for the first home we looked at, but it wasn't what we thought it was going to be - it never is. I was about ready to give up when we were presented with three beautiful homes right in a row. We put an offer down on one of them, but the owners came back and declined it. We are still hopeful that a second appraisal on the yellow home by a local company will raise the value and take into consideration the antique and New England value and charm. Wish us luck!


Melinda said...

Oh Michelle, I am so sorry to hear this about the house! I really hope this next thing works out for you. I can't even imagine having to take the kids around looking for houses. I am wishing you lots and lots of luck!!

Amanda said...

I had my heart broken at least once while looking for our home. It all worked out in the end with a better location, better school, etc.

I can only imagine the comments you are getting! How about "You've got your hands full"? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that one! So nice that your MIL is there with you. What a champ.

Love that yellow/blue shirt! Saw it at Target today and marked it for Posey next time I'm there!

Best of luck! You will find your house!

Natalie said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck with the house hunt!

The kids are adorable - two perfect pairs!

linda said...

I wish you the best of luck with your house hunting. The perfect one will show up soon I'm sure!

So nice of you MIL to watch the kids for you. I bet the girls were a big help to her this weekend.

Natasha said...

How disappointing about the house! Like you said though it all happens for a reason.

I bet you do get lots of questions when people see you have 2 sets of twins. People ask me the rudest questions about Luci and Griffin when they find out they have 2 moms-- total strangers aks me if they ever get to see their dad, etc. It's amazing how some people have no filter!

Nicole said...

Look at those boys, and good big sisters-they are all really growing. Sad to hear about your home loss. God has his way and I am convinced there is something better to come. Take care. Thanks for keeping us posted.
PS-Send me your new address when your permanant. I have been afraid to send you anything thinking you won't get it.

donna said...

I hope you don't have to stay in the hotel for long! Good luck house hunting.