Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Dream in Orange. orange sherbet that is. This mix of ingredients makes this low fat shake something out of a heavenly dream. Remember Creamsicles? Do I dare say it tastes better than these yummy ice cream treats? Here's the scoop:
2 cups orange sherbet ice cream
1 cup free cool whip
2 1/2 cups milk ( I used 1%, using skim what make this a fat free dessert)
Blend all three ingredients together.


your very own 40 ounces of

I dream in Orange Shake!

Here's the calorie scoop on your 8oz glass (rounding up):

77 calories
31 carbs
.6 grams of fat (unless using skim milk)

This is my first Yummy Thursday edition. If I have time to post, Thursdays will be all about food and sharing some of my tasty ways of cutting the calories and fat from desserts. So raise your I dream in Orange Shake glass to having the time to post Yummy Thursdays!

Tell me if you try it!


Jenny said...

Sounds like a yummy treat! Can't wait to make one.

linda said...

Only 77 calories, no way!

I raise my glass to you! I've got to give this a try soon. I love creamsickles!

Kimberly Harvey said...

Can't wait to try it, though I can tell you now I'll probably have 16 ounces for about 160 calories!

Kimberly Harvey said...

I don't want to wait a week for another recipe!

Melinda said...

I can't believe your boys are so big! They are so cute. I will be trying this recipe for sure!

Natasha said...

This does look yummy.

The boys are adorable!