Monday, June 28, 2010

Roadtrip: Sharon, VT

Angela Johnson's sculpture of Christ carrying the cross.
While Lelly's SPT is on Hiatus, I will be posting about some fun New England Roadtrips that I have been planning with the kids this summer. Up first was a nice drive through NH and VT up highway 89 to Sharron, VT the birthplace of Joseph Smith - the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have been a member of the Mormon faith since I was three. We've visited his birthplace on several occasion with family and friends, but this time the kids and I ventured out on our own.

Nini, Cici, and I in front of the Angela Johnson's exhibit.

Our goal was to see Angela Johnson's Sculptures, the Healing Power of Christ. The exhibit was supposed to end on the 19th, but we were lucky to see that they carried it through the weekend. She was an opera singer for 20 years, before she felt she wanted to do more with her life and more to help others. She prayed hoping that she would be inspired and her answer was something she didn't expect. With no formal training and no experience in sculpting, her answer was to sculpt. Her sculptures are absolutely beautiful and inspired works.
Mr. T kicking back and enjoying our picnic.
After our wonderful experience, we headed outside for a picnic lunch. I make sure to bring a large blanket wherever we go, so that the boys can have time to stretch after all that car seat time. We pulled out PB and J sandwiches and cold drinks from our cooler and took in the beautiful grounds at Joseph Smith's birthplace.

Before we left, it was time to take a photo of all four of my little kidlets. Lining them all up wasn't difficult, but keeping my little Hawk still was another thing. My camera has about 10 photos or more of our little camera portrait adventure. This was the best but this is what most of the others look like...
Are you having a wonderful summer?
Have you been to Sharron, VT?


Jenny said...

Sounds like such a fun day trip. Your kiddo's are so cute.

Tingeyfam said...

I LOVED these beautiful and reverent sculpture. Go glad you got to enjoy them!

donna said...

what a fun trip! YOU live in such a beautiful part of the USA!!

linda said...

Michelle, I've never been to VT but today I visited Temple Square in SLC! What an incredible experience!

The kidlets are beautiful!

Natasha said...

I love that photo of your four little ones with the Hawk escaping!