Monday, February 21, 2011

A floor love story.

Painted stairs and landing in our home

I adore this floor on most days.  Creative are the colors and stenciling, all indicative of it's 19th century time stamp.  I often wonder who walked here?  Who played on it's floorboards?  How many times was it wept upon or stomped on?  There are a few days when I see it's age.  I see the lines and cracks and faded paint.  Those days come and go as I am inspired by the history this floor has seen. This floor reminds me of life and it's ups and downs, the weathering of our bodies through time and the memories we create with each step. 


Kimberly and Travis Harvey said...

I want to see your house in person so badly!!! At least post more pics!!!

Natasha said...

I hope to live in an old home one day and I love these posts you do!