Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jeans and things.

Right now I am sitting in a cool office with my new desk, which still is to unorganized to take a photo to show yet.  My girls are just now restlessing (not a word, I know!) down from their exciting day of Sunday and summer.  Mr. T has been sick since mid-day on Saturday.  He came down first with a fever, restless sleep last night for him, and then he woke-up with a rash on his hands and feet.  Thankfully the Internet is on hand, as rashes are rare in our home.  I looked it up and at this point it blanches when you pull the skin between my thumbs.  I think it may be a reaction to the Tylenol I gave him for his fever.  In the past, I think he's had more ibuprofen then Acetaminophen and me giving only Tylenol this time, may have brought on the rash.

I've been upset at myself for not loosing more weight over the past year after the boys were born.  I had good intentions, honest mishaps, and the great kicker - not enough time.  I keep asking myself how such a prominent goal can become so prominently pushed aside.  I reason that I gained over 75lbs carrying twins - it's not going to come off easily.  I was laid-up on bedrest for six months of it and suffered from gestational diabetes.  I was a no muscle-tone blob when I walked out of that hospital.  It took six months just to be able to stand up without help and an additional six months to heal from fascia of my feet.  Quite literally, this was my excuse. 

My favorite photo during my pregnancy - October 2009

I've been on a more positive binge of self -perspective lately.  As I have to put this goal, which I felt I was failing at, in a more brighter perspective:

  • I have four healthy children and a healthy husband!
  • I can stand solely on my own - no help needed normally!
  • I no longer have diabetes, it was only gestational.
  • I've lost 65lbs since the boys were born!
  • I only have 15lbs more to meet my goal.
  • When once a lady using a walker with a gorilla on her back could run faster than me, I can now run 3 miles without heaving over and in a decent amount of time.
  • I can fit into my pre-pregnant, I was on lots of fertility drugs so I gained some weight jeans.
  • I am healthy, my husband is healthy, and I am still on track to meet my goal.
  • I can look at all my pregnancy photos and adore the belly I once had.  When before I couldn't stand to see myself so huge! (My good friends Leanne and Jo told me to take as many photos as I could while I was pregnant, as I would regret it if I didn't.  I took their advice to heart and have many huge pregnancy photos with me right now that I think are amazing - thanks guys!)
I can honestly say that loosing weight sucks!  But, slowly, and ever so ungracefully - it's going to come off!  It won't be the same.  I'll have those trophy stretch marks where the boys kicked me on those sleepless nights, but I'm OK with that!  I just have to remember how far I've come.

How did you do it?
Are you still doing it?
What was your best advice during your pregnancy or adoption?  (we've been in both places!) 


Twins Squared said...

So glad you found me! I am LDS too. I can't believe how many LDS moms of two sets of twins I have found through blogging. Until then I thought I must be the only one! It sounds like you have come a long way. Finding time to exercise or to cook/eat healthy is SO hard to do when you have so many little ones! How far apart are your twins and what are their ages?

donna said...

Michelle~ YES loosing weight sucks..

Don't be hard on yourself.. Just enjoy your babies, and keep running. The weight will come off.. : )

Natasha said...

I'm still trying to lose and deciding if I should give myself slack since we hope to have a 4th one day too. I think the fertility drugs really did a whammy on me!

I have been eating really healthy but havn't done any exercise yet. Maybe when Eliot starts sleeping through the night...

Shannon Gillman Orr said...

I'm still working on losing the little bit after having my last one. I have ups and downs, but exercise is always the answer. Man I hate exercise, but the lbs don't come off if I don't keep moving. Ugh.