Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teachers and Mothers.

It is fitting that Mother’s Day falls within the same week as Teacher Appreciation Week.  Most of my children’s teachers are women. Some are married with children, and some aren’t.  In fact, this really doesn’t even matter.  As their mom, I know that I can’t teach them everything.  I will try and I may fail; but, this is where their teachers, their friend’s moms, their grandmothers all help my children grow to be the best they can be.

In my childhood, I called two women mom and one my mother,

my birth mom,
my foster mom,
and my mother.

While each one played a pivitol roll in my life and survival, I give all the credit to who I am today to my mother, my adoptive mom.  Actually, I really never place “adoptive” before “mother”, this is just to help you understand that “mother” wasn’t the one who gave me life, but the one who gave my life hope.  She was my mother and teacher.  She taught me how to cook, how to read music, and how to endure trials while still being there for those that need you.  Yet, even she couldn’t teach me everything!  For around my mother, were women that were strong, faithful, and compassionate.  Some who were thoughtful, caring, understanding, and courageous. 

There was the mom across the street who taught me how to sew – with patience!  She listened and she treated me like her own.  There was the mom who was loving, generous with her time, and gave me great support during a year of great trial.  There was the mom who showed me kindness when I was learning the lessons of youth, and the list goes on.  Through these women, these teachers, I grew and matured into the woman and mother I am today.

So, there is no great surprise that Teacher Appreciation Week falls around Mother’s Day.  It seems only fitting to give credit to the women, the teachers, in my life and my children’s life that will teach and guide them as a mother would.



Melinda said...

This is a very sweet post on the women in your life and teachers. Our week was a while ago and I always like to do something for the teachers. They do something I cannot and they do have a big influence in our kids lives. Hope you have a great mothers day.

donna said...

such a great post...
I hope you have a wonderful Mother's day....

donna said...
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donna said...
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