Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our ever-changing reward system!

Finding the right order and reward system for my family is a constant progress.  Every year there seems to be a different set of problems that make staying with one system not ideal.  My two and half year old twin boys are just learning the concept of rewards, but it will be awhile before I have to pull anything definitive together.  It is my almost double digit twin girls that have needed more than a gentle reminder about how to behave and how to follow the rules! 

What works right now is a combination of values, expectations, gentle reminders, chores, and time rewards.  With a laminated 5x7 card and our expectations and values glued onto clothespins, we can check-off or write specific reminders next to each clothespin.  They earn beads, not cash right now, as we feel they receive many extras and little things here and there that they don't need a lot of cash.  There rewards center around this list of 50 inexpensive Ideas to Reward Children!  The girls were completely excited about these ideas for rewards and talk about them constantly.  We've changed and added some to suit our family and our hobbies.

I can imagine that I will need to revamp, redo, or tweak this reward system in the future.  But for now, for our family, it is working beautifully!  ---For now :)

Happy Day,


donna said...

another great idea...

Melinda said...

I feel like I am always having to change things also around here. It gets frustrating sometimes. Hope this last a long time.

Twins Squared said...

I know what you mean! Right now I'm not using one. We've done several that have worked well in the past, but I find it difficult to keep up with them every day. Hope it keeps working for you!