Sunday, December 9, 2007

Can I sneak a piece mom?

Friday morning when the mail came, I noticed a yellow envelope in my mailbox. Upon looking at who sent it, I realized that it was the "something" my sister had told me was coming. I was excited to see what it was, because she said I could open it as soon as I received it! The gift was this beautiful necklace that she ordered from her sister-in-law in Australia. For those who might be wondering why the necklace says birth, I've detailed it here. I was so shocked as I had seen these necklaces around and had thought about ordering one, but felt a bit silly ordering one for myself. Thanks Jenn, for thinking of me - I love you!
A Poem about Gingerbread...
Oh where, oh where is my Gingerbread Man?
Oh where, oh where can he be?
He popped out of the oven and ran out the door.
Oh where, oh where can he be?

I realize this isn't a gingerbread man, but I thought the poem cute none the less! We grabbed a gingerbread house at Costco on Wednesday and the girls and I worked to put it together Friday after school. Basically, I put the house together and was in charge of the frosting distribution - and they were the candy put -er-on-ers! It's a word right?!!

Here is the finishing product:

The rule in our house is that you can eat the candy- but before eating any, they have to ask "Can we sneak a piece of candy!?" Cute eh? (the ex-pat Canadian in me) - I still can't believe I've picked it up here in french speaking Quebec - eh!? Anyway, from what I can tell, they don't sneak the candy without asking!

We also enjoyed our "Pizza Picnic" we have frequently, where we order pizza, put a fire in our family room fire place, and spread blankets out in front of the fire and eat pizza!

Weekend Recap

Saturday was really fun, as we were able to sleep in, or at least not have to get up for school! We had a flat tire on Friday, and went to Canadian Tire to see about getting it fixed, but it would be a four hour wait - so guess what I'm doing on Monday! We ate out at a great Slovakian place and went home and made our own little snow hill in our front yard with all the snow we've accumulated - pictures to follow this week! I had to accompany our choir Saturday night, so I raced off to that and was hoping to play and be gone - but just my luck - we were last out of 15 performances! It was all very beautiful and peaceful thought - I'm glad I stayed!

I am just loving my calling as the primary chorister. The kids are so fantastic and it's nice to see so many happy cheery faces, not to mention they have great voices. Our ward used the primary program as a missionary opportunity, inviting friends with invitations to come and watch the children sing. Our plan is to try to have the kids sing once a month, this will keep our six missionaries in our ward busy!

I found this the Idea Door a few weeks ago, it has lots of fun stuff for both primary and the youth and also ideas for general conference. Check it out here!

Also, this looked like a really fun place to visit, it's called Warm Biscuit. They sell monogrammed PJ's, cute fabric, clothes - check it out here!

Thank you to all who've entered my giveaway! Your words are so beautiful and inspirational - I can't wait to pick the winner and list all the words of motherhood!


crystal said...

What a fun weekend! I love family room picnics!

Marie said...

Here is my favourite gingerbread line:

"Christmas is holly with berries of red, and the heavenly fragrence of warm gingerbread."

I love it and love it and love it.

michelle said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I love the gingerbread house! We made one last year, and had so much fun! I just picked up a gingerbread Christmas tree to make at Michaels. We will be making it this week!

I love the shirts the girls have on! So cute! Have a wonderful day! :)

Mandy said...

I love that necklace. I have seen several people with them and I just think they are great. I may have to get one for myself sometime. :)

I have never made a gingerbread house. Every year I tell Josh that I'm going to make one and every year it gets by me. I'm afraid I would snack on the candy too much during the process and would have nothing left to decorate with.

donna said...

OH what a nice gift from your sister.
I love saturday mornings. To be able to sleep in, at least a little.
HAve a great day my friend :)

Holly said...

What a wonderful surprise from your sister--so sweet!

You are BRAVE for tackling a gingerbread house--I want to, but my control issues might wreak havoc. We'll see. I'd definitely try to "sneak a piece" of candy--or maybe 50 pieces!

jenny said...

Your necklace, WOW! Love it. Your gingerhouse turned out cute. I never can get ours to look half way decent. I guess it makes it fun to allow the kids to help right?

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

LOVE the necklace- and of course knew exactly what it was for. It's so pretty.
Checked out Warm Biscuit and it is so cute!
And FYI I really want to enter your contest but I'm having a tough time summing up motherhood in one word. I'm hoping to get my word in there before it ends (if I can think of the appropriate one). I have been stumped.
You inspire me........;)