Monday, December 10, 2007

Magic made them do it!

Last month the girls came home with this song, which they were determined to sing over AND over AND over again:

I love coffee.
I love tea.
I love the boys and the boys love me...
Yes, NO? Maybe so!

Am I being naive to think that my girls wouldn't have picked up these chants until at least first grade? When I asked where they learned the song, they replied, "I don't know." After further quizzing, I realized that by their explanation, everyone just magically knew this song and started singing it! This chant got me thinking about this one I learned claps and all by the middle of first grade - this was so the cool thing to do:

See, See, oh playmate,
Come out and play with me
And bring your dollies three
Climb up my apple three
Shout down my rain barrel
Slide down my cellar door
And we'll be jolly friends
Forever more more more more more

See, See, oh playmate
I cannot play with you
My dolly's got the flu
Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
Ain't got no rain barrel
Ain't got no cellar door
But we'll be jolly friends
Forever more more more more more

So, how many of you remember doing this?
Any favorite one I missed?

Here is my song or chant for today, keeping in mind the See, see music:

Cici o mommy!
She's totally touching me
That's my toy not hers you see.
It's mine she can't take it away from me.
But Nini it really isn't yours
That toy we bought for her,
You don't really like purple.
Give it back to her.
You better do it now, now, now!

Cici, here's your toy back,
I don't want to play with you
Your are wearing my shoes,
Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo
These are not your shoes,
Mine are pink and yours are blue,
Nini, your bothering me
I hope one day they will STOP!

Luckily, I can remember the good days with lots of blogging posts and photos like this:

How are you?


donna said...

"See, See, oh playmate", was one of the song i sang. Oh how fun :)

What a cute picture:)

Mandy said...

I like the song you made up! I sing the playmate song to Ryley often. My mom used to sing it to us so it will always be one of my "things."

Marie said...

I didn't know the one you remembered, but the one your girls were singing was a favourite on my elementary grounds. We would chant it while we skipped and then repeat the 'yes, no, maybe so' until you tripped up on the rope. Then it was the next girl's turn.

I thought I'd forgotten that.

Cristin said...

Found your blog via Lelly's it!

Heffalump said...

We did that one...but it was Slide down my rainbow, into my cellar door...
We also had a hand clapping one called down by the banks that we did as well.

michelle said...

I remember See see oh playmate... The fun part about this song is the day my daughter cam home singing it. I thought it was wonderful that all of these years later that song was still alive, and well. Thanks for the wonderful memory! :)

Wendi said...

see see oh playate! I thought it was C.C. oh playmate, like a girls name. Never saw it written down before.

Loved that one.

Love your version! Very cute. And I especially love the SP.

Lauralee said...

see see oh playmate.. we did that one.. fun times!

I am doing good.. I hope you are too.. sounds like a tough day! your girls are so darn cute! I love their sweet shirts!

Chrissy, said...

My girls live to do these chants with me. Your new necklace is so beautiful. Your a lucky girl in so many ways. I think everyone buys the same gingerbread kit and they all turn out like the picture on the box to tell the girls right! We have matching gingerbread houses!

crystal said...

Not last night but the night before
24 robbers came knockin' at my door
As I ran out they ran in
I asked them what they wanted and this is what they said:
Spanish dancer turn around
Spanish dancer touch the ground
Spanish dancer give a high kick
Spanish dancer get out before you miss

crystal said...

Cinderella, dressed in yellow
went upstairs to kiss a 'fella
made a mistake
and kissed a snake
how many doctors
did it take?

Barb said...

These childhood chants and songs are magical the way they are passed down every year. Fun to remember.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

cute post! :)