Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a really wonderful Christmas and hopefully everyone is still in a festive mood! Thank you to everyone who took the time to send their Christmas card with extra postage to Canada! We are very grateful to you and hope that you were safe when traveling to and from their celebrations!

This Christmas we started allowing the girls to pick a present for every member of our family. This is me opening Nini's present, which she was so so so excited to have me open. She didn't want her presents or anything in her stocking until I opened this gift. I wish you could have seen her face, but her hair is covering it up - she was so excited. The present was a jeep remote control vehicle! She was so certain that I would like it and of course I did! Cici's present was a cute ceramic nativity scene -she looked through three stores before finding the nativity scene and saying, "This is what I want to get for mommy!". Both we the sweetest gifts, but mostly their excitment in giving was what really got their old mommy tearing!

I'm sure your curiosity at this outfit is driving you crazy, or words like "huh", "right", or "what" are popping into your head right now! We were in Lake Placid last week browsing the cute shops, when I picked up a red plaid pair of bloomers! They were so cute and something I just hadn't seen before. I showed Craig and also showed him a pair of acorn long johns that I also thought were pretty sweet because of our cabin! I had no idea that showing him these would relate to him buying them for me and putting them under the Christmas me - to wear together! Anyway, it did and here's the silly proof! These are meant to be worn at our cabin - so fitting! Do you like my model pose?

From the baptism we attended on Sunday, to our ward's Christmas program, to our Christmas Eve get together, to reading the scriptures and the Christmas story with our family; I felt very blessed and comforted. Christmas Eve, we invited several friends from our ward over to our home. Two of the families, had never experienced a western style Christmas before, so it was neat to ask them about their traditions and to show them ours. It was a lot of fun and something we will always repeat, especially while we are so far away from family.
It was actually a lot of prep time for this party, but in the end well worth the effort and fun. Here is Craig and the girls putting toothpicks into cheese and salami! It was loud with eight kids running around our home and all the adults talking upstairs! It was so nice to hear our home with so much talking, chatter, and fun conversations.

Our family room was a bit dark because we had lamps and Christmas ligts on, so my "night" photo setting didn't turn out very well - but you get the picture! We made lots and lots of food and some of the families even brought some, so we were definately full of happy tummies this year!

We always open PJ's on Christmas Eve, that's where my acorn threads came into the picture! We also always read the Christmas story and our starting to read it both Christmas Eve and at the end of the day on Christmas - just to remind everyone where our hearts and minds should be. We started our first ever Christmas self-portrait - so whoever we are with at Christmas, has to be involved!

We love to pack our the girl's stockings full of stuff - since this is where the whole "Santa" thing comes in! Craig got the girls some of his favorite books, I purchased these slipper boots at Old Navy and then put the cute patch decals on them to match their personality.

Cici is holding a note from Santa and of course viewing the nibbled carrots, chocolate and cookies left for Santa. Craig had a lot of fun writing the note!

Craig wrote inside the books about how much he like them as a boy. Nini was so excited about me opening the gift she got me, she couldn't enjoy the stocking! So we opened her gift first!

Nini got a snow board for Christmas this year! Cici got one too, but one with a plastic handle. Check out Nini doing her little snow board move in our front yard! We are headed to the cottage for the next couple of days! Take care and hope you everyone is happy and well :)


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days. LOVE the PJs! :) Hope you have a wonderful time at the cottage.

Marie said...

What a wonderful day! I think it is so sweet that your girls didn't want to open their presents until they saw you open what they had chosen for their mommy. That is so great.

And I must say, you are working those pjs and bloomers!

Marie said...

I got your Christmas card on Christmas Eve. How perfect. And it was such a great picture. Thanks for sending it to me!

Natasha said...

Great pics and I like that you let the girls choose gifts. I let Luci and Griffin choose a gift for everyone too.

Loved your Christmas card photo!

jenny said...

What great attire from the girls--oo la la. You crack me up.

How fun to get snowboards!

Lauralee said...

love your outfit- looks so warm!
have a great time at the cabin

SHERI said...

Love your Christmas card photo!
Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. And I LOVE the outfit!! You look adorable!

Holly said...

Yes, you are so stylin' in those pjs! :) Love them!
Glad you had such a nice Christmas and shared it with some friends there. Have a fun cottage getaway and Happy New Year!!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

You look so hot in those long johns! How fun to get a snowboard for one of your girls! WHat a great day!

donna said...

What a wonderful christmas you had.

You have such a cute family. Oh love your model pose!!!! HOT women :)!!!!!!
I hope you had a great new years day.

Heffalump said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Thank you for the good mail by the way, it was a pleasant surprise!