Thursday, December 20, 2007

Watch out Santa, here's Grandma!

Sassy, the girl's grandma (Craig's mom) came into town on Tuesday. Last year I found the cutest shirts that said "Watch out Santa, here comes Grandma"! So fitting for Sassy - who definitely brings more presents and goodies with her than Santa can match! Our latest trip to NY was full of the weird, snow, fun, money, luck, and misfortune. Here we go:

The Weird: While waiting for Sassy's luggage we saw a man with a pet rabbit - on a leash? And, a man wearing a short black fur coat? OK, both weird!

The Snow: Most are tired of my posts about snow, but it's hard to ignore it since it's been snowing since December started! It took a good four hours to drive two yesterday because of a snow storm that hit us on the way back from Burlington, VT. There were two accidents, one a car ran off the road in a field and flipped, and a second, of a garbage truck that slid, turned and put it's front tires of the center medium.

The Fun: It was just great to be out and about and not stuck in the bustle of the city. We really enjoyed what little we were able to see of the cabin and were really excited about the new couch we had delivered. It doubled the cabin's occupancy because it's a sleeper sofa!

The Money: Why this? Well, our recent mishap with our cabin's pipes freezing cost us more money than we would of liked. Everything in the cabin is fixed and put away, except, we can't use the shower (ho hum) because the drain is frozen. This is something we can't fix until it starts to de-thaw!

The Luck: We were just leaving the cabin and headed to the Post Office to see if something we ordered on Amazon had been delivered. We were about a mile away crossing the Ausable River, when a UPS truck was coming the other way. We were going so slow that Craig decided to wave him to stop and see if maybe what we wanted was in the UPS truck. And, yes! He was out that way to deliver the books we ordered. If we hadn't of stopped him, we wouldn't of gotten the order before Christmas! Yeah.

The Bad Luck: Even though I mentioned the word "luck", I'm not a big proponent of luck or bad luck, but that things happen or don't for reasons we don't always know. Either way, maybe it's the same thing - but, Sassy arrived Tuesday night. We spent 90 minutes waiting for luggage, but it had been sent to the wrong airport. We get in the car, ride the ferry across to NY and get to the cabin. The next day, we had to go all the way back to Vermont to get the luggage and it didn't come in until really late. Tuesday the girls got in bed at 2:00 a.m. - ya - yikes! And Wednesday, we arrived home around midnight! They are surprisingly happy though - but it's only 4:30 p.m. - so we'll see!

Even though only a few people entered my latest contest I will still draw a winner! I'll tell you tomorrow and postpone my next contest until the new year! I hope everyone is well and please email your address windycindy - or I will do another drawing with the same names. Send me your adress at by Friday close of day.

What is the strangest pet you've seen on a leash?


donna said...

What a busy few days you had.
I hope you enjoy Christmas with your family :)

Marie said...

Wecome home! Hmmm... the strangest thing I've seen on a leash was not a pet, but a child. Snow skiing. The parents didn't want them to ski and get out of control, so they had them on a leash.

Melinda said...

a bunny on a leash? THat is very weird.
That is so great you got your package. What are the odds?

WE had gotten a ton of snow here, nothing like what you have but enough to make things a lot harder to deal with.

Natasha said...

Hurray for flagging down the UPS man!

crystal said...

So sorry about the pipes--humbug! But catching the UPS man was a dream! Merry Christmas to one of my favorite blogging friends :)

jenny said...

Rabbit on a leash--never heard of something so strange. Bummer about the dang drain!

Those shirts are so cute--and very fitting.