Thursday, January 10, 2008

The BIG Questions...

One thing I've noticed in many blogs including mine, is a deterrent from stating political beliefs. I know politics can be heated, some can turn into arguments, but what has kept me from stating my opinions of political events? I keep thinking that when my posterity has a chance to go through my writings in this blog, they will see that I like crafts, and sticking labels to my face; exercising, crocheting pumpkins, and traveling - but what generic things am I leaving out, that could give more insight into who "me" is. There are personal things that I would never share with "everyone" in blogger land- and neither should anyone else for that matter! Politics, religious beliefs, reactions to current events are all things that I, in the past, have usually shied away from. These are my reasons:

1. Wanting to post about all the fun and good things instead.
2. Feeling uneducated to speak on a certain political or current event topic.
3. Seeing my beliefs, yet not wanting to push them onto others.
4. Fielding unwanted comments from people who will probably only visit my blog for that subject.
5. Offending others with my opinions.

Personally, these are huge fears of mine! How about you? The fact is I:
1. Watch or read the news everyday.
2. Have opinions about current events.
3. Think that one candidate would be better than others.
4. Belong to a political party.
5. Am often burdened daily with what I "see" in the news and wonder, "Am I the only one?"
6. Am at least once a week asked or fielded questions about my religeous beliefs.

I know it's important to believe, to have opinions, and not just assume that because I'm a "housewife", I don't have opinions about our world. What do you think of these questions and answers and would you be willing to answer them?

1. What Religion to I belong to?
I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

2. Do you feel comfortable sharing your beliefs with others?
Yes and NO. I find that although I am passionate about what I belief and will answer any questions and offer any opinions; I have a hard time spilling too much online, including, experiences I have at church.

3. How does the daily news affect your day?
Last night, I was sickened by a news story about a man who had thrown four of his children over a bridge sending them to their deaths. OK, so how does this not affect me? It's difficult to say right after reading this - OK! Let's play twister! It usually takes awhile for me to digest. So should I stop reading the news, how will I know the facts about what's important? I've stopped reading the small stories about what I've named murder and mayhem - because it's just too much. But, still, when things are in the headlines, they do affect you.

4. Are you for any one candidate for President?
Personally, I would love to see Rice or Powell run for President, but obviously this is way out of reach, as they aren't running! Originally, I felt that Romney wouldn't have a chance against McCain, but during the Ohio and NH primary and listening more intently to him and how articulate he is, I think he really has a shot. This might give you an idea to which party I belong!

5. How do you teach your children how to be "smart" about who's who in the world?
Our best history lessons have been when we've been to the historical site. However, I think they know more about George Washington and not enough about George Bush. I know I don't do enough to teach them about our government and history, but I am grateful that they are only five years old, and I have can change and talk more about our leaders.

What do you think about sharing these questions online?
How do you balance the media and world news with your daily and home life?
Should politics be left out of blogs?


Wendi said...

1. What Religion to I belong to?

2. Do you feel comfortable sharing your beliefs with others? Yes. I don't know how to not talk about the church to people. It's just part of my daily conversation.

3. How does the daily news affect your day? We absolutely never watch the news because we're too sensitive and can't handle it. If it means we're behind on what's going on in the world, so be it.

4. Are you for any one candidate for President? I really like Romney's political position on things, and I think he's done great in the past with everything he's worked on.

5. How do you teach your children how to be "smart" about who's who in the world? I don't know!

crystal said...

I don't have time right now to answer the entire questionnaire, but I WOULD LOVE TO SEE CONDIE RICE RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!! I'm with you! She do a phenomenal job.

donna said...

wonderful post!

1. What Religion to I belong to?
I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

2. Do you feel comfortable sharing your beliefs with others?
Yes I will be more then happy to share my beliefs with others. I think it must be the missionary in me :) I have many time ask the gold questions to many of my friends and family!!!!!!!!

3. How does the daily news affect your day?
I love the news. I watch it everyday. I need to know what is going on in my town and in the world.

4. Are you for any one candidate for President?
Rice would be great in the white house :)!! But i am hoping for Romney!! I think he is the best MAN for the JOB! I am from AZ, and i NEVER have been a fan of McCain!

5. How do you teach your children how to be "smart" about who's who in the world?
Prayer and do a lot of reading :)

Amanda :-) said...

Oh lovely subject, Michelle! My heart leapt a little when I realised you were broaching these subjects.

Religion: I'm part of the Church of England (ie, Protestant, but I was born and raised Roman Catholic. I married into CofE and am extremely happy in it. I had many theological issues with RC) My mother's side of the family are about 90% involved in Irish politics too, so I must have smthg of the political coursing through my veins somewhere.

Do you feel comfortable sharing your beliefs?
Absolutely, because I thrive on seeing and hearing people's reactions to beliefs.

How does the daily news affect your day?
I don't buy newspapers and rarely read any that I find lying around. Newspapers incense me because they give such biased views, driven by many financial and political factors.
I watch the news daily, but with a critical eye. I prefer to watch the shows that debate the news, like 'Newsnight' and 'Question Time'. Then you begin to see a rounder view of subjects.

Presidential candidate?
I'm quite oblivious to the details behind each candidate. It's not something that is being looked at too deeply in the media over here - for what reason, I don't know. I saw Hillary Clinton speak in a New York park for an open-air radio broadcast less than a month after 9/11 and the next day she walked the streets for Columbus Day with significantly less bodyguards that the mayor, and I was impressed with that. She seemed 'ballsy' and capable of geeing up the people. I admired her at that particular time.

How do you teach your children to be 'smart' about who's who in the world?
My girls are still very small, and your post has got me thinking about this point. It especially gets me thinking about my stance on the Royal Family. It's a thing I think about a lot, and I won't clog up your blog with it - but I hadn't thought how I might/might not filter my views down to my girls. So thanks for that!

Kelly said...

I tend to shy away from these things (well, politics anyway) on my blog because I don't like debating. I'm LDS, but I'm a Democrat, which puts me in a definite minority. I'm totally comfortable with those two co-existing, but I know there are many who can't fathom the two being compatible.

I'm not worried about offending people with it, but I just don't want to get into an argument. It stresses me out. I'm much more of a live and let live type person.

Marie said...

1. I'm LDS

2. It depends on the situation. I would have a hard time standing in line at the grocery store, turning around, and GQ-ing the person behind me, but as people see me live and ask questions, I have no trouble.

3. I don't watch the news often. Usually only when something I am really concerned with is going to be on. Dirk loves the news and tells me what he found interesting that day though. I don't like to hear gory details, but I do think we need to know what is happening in the world.

4.Sorry, I don't follow American politics at all. I know the current prez, but don't know all the people running.

5. Slowly, gently, and without frightening them. I don't want them to be affraid of strangers, but I do want them to know they have to be cautious.

carlo said...

Serious subjects you have posted on today, Miss Michelle!

Politics to me are harder for me to talk about than religion and for me, I don't usually blog about either-- but especially not politics.

(I am a Catholic Dem, if anyone is wondering!)

That being said, this may change with the historical significance of this year.

If others write about these topics on their blog I say that is their right-- it is their blog! :)

carlo said...

that may change is referring to the blogging about politics not referring to changing my religion or party!!

(realized it wasn't clear after i posted it!)