Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Everything under the sun...

...or at least Montreal's vast amount of clouds!

Goodbye Christmas decorations, Pink Christmas, Pink Christmas opened.

Yesterday and today have been so productive, I'm not sure why I didn't do these goals long ago. But, I know everything has a time and place - and now is definately the best time for me, as things are going so well. Thank you to everyone who sent my family a Christmas card! My tree is finally down and my family room is uncluttered and pristine. I even cleaned out our fireplace myself. I was happy to receive my Pink Christmas gift, a bit be-lated, but I've been there before with late gifts and I just am grateful for the thoughtfulness. Thank you Rebecca P. for your lovely and thoughtful gift. Especially the pen and notebook with your very encouraging words about my writing goal. Thanks for doing your research!

Wrapping, The Petal Patch, snow gone.

This wrapping paper is so so perfect for Pink Christmas don't you think? I am also busy making hats and other fun things for my new Etsy shop called The Petal Patch. I have to say I was pretty proud of the name and the logo. I hope to introduce the shop as "open" by next week, crossing my fingers. I want to have enough made to support the shop and not have to madly make things....Remember all the freezing temps I was complaining about? During the last four days, all the snow, except for the huge piles, are melted. Snow has turned to high winds and 40 degree weather - still no sun, but a girl can hope!

A big b-lated thank you to Natasha for her wonderful goodmail both the london stickers and the very cute gingerbread recipe and cookie cutter! Thanks so much Natasha!

It was such a great day today! I feel like I am accomplishing so much and receiving so many blessings for my new year's resolutions. I love that so many bloggers are starting the 52 weeks of blessings, which I can't wait to start, I hope all don't mind me copying!

Are you doing Lelly's SPT Challenge?
The 52 weeks of blessings?
Did you participate in Pink Christmas?
How's your weather?


Wendi said...

I'm not doing the SPT because I already do the Tuesday Tell All, but it looks fun.

I am doing 52 weeks of blessings.

Mandy said...

I can't wait to see your new etsy shop. I love the name and am sure everything will be so cute!

Did my christmas card ever make it to you? I was so rushed with everything this Christmas and was worried about the ones I sent to Canada.

Holly said...

Glad it's been a bit warmer--hopefully the sun will shine soon too. Loved your SPT--complete with your labels--HAHA!! I haven't done mine yet, but I plan to. I still have to stew and brew on my word and goals.
Congrats on your new Etsy shop--how fun!!
Thank you so much for your Christmas card (beautiful) and the wonderful good mail too!! Loved it!!

Natasha said...

I used that pink wrap too and was thrilled to find it at Hobby Lobby. Fun to see your good mail!
I did participate in pink Christmas, can you believe Kristi coordinated all of that? She did a fantastic job!

Amanda :-) said...

Hobby Lobby? That makes me laugh. I've never heard of that before, as they're not in the UK. We have 'Hobby Craft' but Hobby Lobby makes me smile!

Yesss, I was so excited to see you about to open a shop! Wishing you soooo much luck with it, Michelle. I know what you mean about wanting it stocked up so you don't have to cram in supplies for orders.

I saw a fabby Christmas decoration in a shop the other day and thought of you. It looked like a polystyrene bauble ball, but it was covered in the cutest little crocheted cover. Very rustic and folk-art looking, and a bit Scandinavian-looking. I would've photographed it to show you, but the shop has signs all over saying photography is not allowed - and I'm a law-abiding girl!

carlo said...

i love spt, of course

i LOVE the blessings challenge and i think it is brillant.

I did Pink Christmas and it was amazing.

Our weather is cold and windy and cold right now. Yet today it is a stunning blue sky day so I can deal with it.

Love all of your catching up and the PC gift looks nice.