Thursday, January 24, 2008 good as popcorn.

How sad is that I had to look up how to spell broccoli - my spelling was a bit more like this brocolli. We were all sitting around the dinner table when I noticed Nini going straight for the broccoli bowl. Not with a spoon mind you, but digging her hand into the broccoli bowl as if it were popcorn. She was much too quick for me to have her use the spoon, however, I did get a word in when she started cramming it in her mouth. After telling her to use her fork, this was the cute picture that played before me. Good thin the camera was in arms reach. She's available for "Why broccoli is just like popcorn", lessons, if anyone is interested!

My treadmill was in full spinning mode last night - I burned 550 calories and ran about 2.5 and walked the rest of the just over four miles. This time I purchased the Gilmore girls first season - something I've been wanting to see and popped it in - I got an episode and almost a half in before it was time for me to get off. Check out this large sheet of paper I found at our not as good as Michael's craft store - I am dying to decoupage this to something - any other ideas?

Do you children go for veggies first?
Do you struggle to get them to eat enough vegetables?
Can you send some warmth my way?


Nicole said...

GO MICHELLE!! I can always look to you for inpiration!
On the veggie topic-the boys will eat anything I put in front of them. As for Danica she is a bit more finiky but loves broccoli; or anything with cheese. That pic is way too funny-looks yummy!

Jenny said...

My Children love Broccoli. I don't, so they only get it when I have been asked to make it by my loving hubby who loves it also. I really like to each spinach over borccoli any day.

As for the treadmill, yours is out spinning mine. I need to get going. Your so inspiring to me. I put on 10 lbs over the Holiday's. I keep asking my self How? We did no holiday baking! I acutally am on day 3 of walking my children to school. (car broke down) I have even included taking our new puppy with us. And it has been wonderful. What a blessing to have discovered walking in winter is just fine. Even if the snow covers the sidewalks making it hard to tell where they are. I really have enjoyed the cool air.

donna said...

IAn loves broccoli. I try to get all my kids to eat Veggies:)

I also need some warm weather:)

Natasha said...

My luci loves broccoli! I have my kids eat their veggies 1st as an appetizer before dinner.

crystal said...

My theory is that if you have to EAT veggies, you're allowed to SPELL them however you want.

My kids actually inhale broccoli. Nice!

I say, decoupage a big ol' frame.

I'm lovin' your cute blog.

Heffalump said...

I have one who will only eat corn for veggies, or occasionally green beans. He is also anti fruit. He will eat blackberries (short season of course) and applesauce. Nothing else.
Most of the other boys are okay with eating veggies, and I do have a couple that really like broccoli. (Thanks for the spelling lesson...I always spell it wrong).

Carolee said...

For some reason my daughter loves broccoli which she calls trees. My son will not touch any vegtable with a ten foot pole. I really dont know why he is so replused by them, we have them at every meal.

I just read your previous post. Way to go with your exercise. I max out at 40 minutes on the treadmill. I love watching T.V. while I am exercising. Right now I am watching the third season of The Office. It really makes time go by so much faster. I really need to invest in an ipod and download some music that will get me pumped up while I am exercising. I really want to loose 10 pounds. I am really good at exercising on a regular basis but I just love food way too much!! Oh well.

Lauralee said...

look at you go! good for you! I missed a few posts.. but good for you for doing the running inside.. you are an inspiration..

veggies first no way.. well actually my kids were eating carrots before dinner tonight, but that doesn't happen too often ..

it is cold here.. in the teens.. crazy!

Staci said...

My 20 month old loves peas. If she had a choice, she would eat them for every meal. She hated vegetables when she was eating them in baby food form. She also loves cooked zucchini and cucumbers. Not quite sure where she gets that love from, but I hope she keeps it up.

Amanda :-) said...

We got Erin into broccoli early by calling them 'little trees', which she thinks is so cute. She dips it, and most veg, into tomato sauce (ketchup, I should say) which I'm not too happy about because there's a lot of sugar in ketchup. *sigh*
She won't eat potato. Nope. No chips, hash browns, mash - anything with potato in. Except crisps, of course.

That paper is gorgeous. I was saying on Jill's blog that I watched the PaperSource video last night on covering books with decorative paper. Maybe you have something special, or precious, that you could cover?

Kelly said...

PQ loves broccoli and would eat it like popcorn any day. So funny!