Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Leg warmers and Spying squirrels

I feel like such a goob being so amiss from visiting other blogs. I want to get so much done and can't always visit - I apologize for this and hope to visit tonight. I also want to apologize for changing my blog so much, I've been working too long at trying to put my own navigation bar at the top of the page and still keep my layout design in order. I'm being way too stubborn at sticking with it, so you might see a few changes more.

I've been working on things to put in my etsy shop and have come up with adding hats and this leg warmers, as well as, some flower jewelry. It's very hard for me to organize myself enough to have everything ready and to ship things on time. This is going to be a great challenge for me, but I'm up for it!

On another note, I'm certain that I'm being spied on by squirrels (just joking), but check this story out...

Our office has has two large windows that meet in a corner, where we've placed a chair. While sitting in this chair today crocheting, I see a squirrel out of the corner of my eye climbing our brick wall. I thought the squirrel was a bit fat, but I guess that's to be said, since they seem to feast on our garbage every night.

But wait, up on the roof top on the house to the side of ours, is yet another squirrel looking, as he starts to move, I see out of the corner of my two more squirrels in the tree next to our neighbors house. Yikes, I felt like I was in one of those Hitchcock movies with all these squirrels facing the office window and me, one lone woman about to be attacked (ok, that's imagination working). I run to get the camera and realize that there's another one right under the window on the power line below me. It's too dark, even mid-day, to see them, but they were there.

There are at least two visible in this picture, plus the one on the wall, and the one opposite the house, plus there was one on our garage. Yikes, but least they weren't raccoons!

On a side note, I'm happy to report that I've lost 5 pounds! Yeah! My goal is another 10 and I'm certain I can make it if I keep up my exercising goals.

Can you help me with my navigation bar delema?
How was your weekend?
Do you have snow?
Are you still sticking to your exercise resolution goals?


Laura said...

I sympathize with your dilemma of visiting blogs. It's so much fun to do, yet it does take valuable time away from other worthy things. I look at only maybe two a day and then catch up on weekends.

Would you believe we had 2 feet of snow yesterday! Unusual for here, yes?

So...how did you lose 5 pounds? Please share. I'm running 15 miles a week and haven't lost an ounce. Could be I'm still eating too much!

donna said...

Way to go girl on the loosing weight. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

I love your blog look. I wish you could help me with mine:)!!!!

Marie said...

I laughed out loud at the Squirrel Hitchcock movie. Aimee stopped playing and gave me this, "You are a strange woman, Mommy" look.

Your leg warmers are very cute. And I have been impressed with all the blog changes. You are very creative indeed.

Good luck with Etsy!

Jenny said...

Like you I find that I want to read other peoples blogs with out taking away from my limited time. I have a select few that I visit. If they make comment about some one elses I might read what they suggest. Other than that. I read only a select few. I enjoy your blog so your apart of my select few.

Look forward to seeing how your Etsy works for you. I have been thinking of doing one my self. Just for fun.

Also I am proud of your wieght loss. Keep up the great work. And I love the changes to your blog.

Amanda :-) said...

Blimey, tinker away as much as you like with your blog, Michelle. Don't apologise to us!! It's fun to see you using it as a real 'rough book' (did you have those at school?). Blogs should be like that, I think.

Squirrels. Hmmm...they are odd little creatures. When I was pregnant with Erin there was one in our garden who tormented me by eating part of our wooden fence. In the end, after trying to chase him and scare him for days, I phoned my mum and burst into tears so much I could hardly speak. Mum thought there was something wrong with the baby, but all she could hear was me choking out, 'Bloody...squirrel...!' When I look back now, it was v.much pregnancy hormones. Durr.

Hooray to your 5lbs. Where are you losing it from???

We still have rain. Lots of. Lots of rivers on flood alert. *sigh*

Wendi said...

The blog looks really great!

And those legwarmers.........so CUTE!

crystal said...

Your own navigation bar??!!! Wow.

I am loosely sticking to my exercise goals--totally unlike me to skip even a day :(

Five pounds! Woohoo! (wizard of oz witch-voice) "You're mell-l-l--ll-ting..."

Cristin said...

Love.love.love.the leg warmers...
I wish I had more time to blog hop too...but there just aren't always enough hours in the day!
Congrats on losing 5!
Oh yes, Squirrels -- I have yet to figure out how they raid our birdfeeder!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

The leg warmers are Cute!
Staring in tonights The Squirrels is Michelle! :) :D