Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My passport and I...

Dear Passport,

Today, I sadly let go of you and handed you to the nice authorities at the Montreal US Consulate. My friend it has been 10 years since we met. I didn't like you at first, because quite frankly having you in my life meant that I had to travel and had to go outside my personal securities.

You and I didn't waste much time jumping on the first plane to Europe. It was fun, it was scary - but at least you were with me. As the years went by, you were supportive during our trip to Slovakia and also Russia and excited when the plane touched down in Vienna. I have been careless with you on several occasions; leaving you at the Delta check-in in the Salt Lake Airport, and at a condiment counter in Cincinnati - yet you came back before I could panic too much! Then there was that time when I carelessly left you in the car, you were taken with other passports and thrown to the side of the road in the cold wet bushes. (read about it here)

My dear passport and friend, after 16 countries, helping us to get to Russia to adopt our girls, and helping us re-locate temporarily to Montreal as an ex-patriot, it's time to hang up your traveling hat and let the next passport take us to Italy and beyond! I put you away in my memories and thank you for helping me to see the world as a little smaller.

I a.k.a Michelle

****I have made a goal that will last the length of my next passport's expiration date in 2018. My goal is to travel to the following places by 2018: Italy, Sweden, St Petersburg, Vietnam and Turkey. What is your passport travel goals? ****

Distance: 9 miles to date this week!
Do you have a passport?
Do you have any fabulous trips planned?
Is anyone traveling outside the US for the first time this year?


SHERI said...

Wow- 16 countires! That passport has been a good friend to you! I wish mine had that many stamps in it! I got one when I went on my mission and used it one other time to go to Africa but that was it. It has now expired and unfortunately I have no plans on leaving the country any time soon. I hope you meet all your goals for travel this year. Sounds like fun.

jenny said...

What a fun goal! I totally need to go and get mine. To answer your question, the fabric is sadly still lying on the back of my kitchen chair. I need some motivation!

Mandy said...

That's so great that you have been able to travel to so many different countries. Josh and I have talked often about getting our passports. We really should just do it...just in case we randomly hit the lottery and can go on a fabulous trip somewhere. :)

carlo said...

Wow. fun post!! I love planning trips and traveling and wish I could do it more often. but i do feel blessed to get away every so often. Not always out of the country but away! :)

This year is looking like a domestic year-- Boston/Maine with the girls in June.

Scott and I will go away for our anniversary in August. Sunny CA is looking likely.

On the wish front:
Prior to my current passport expiring (2014) I hope it will take me to the UK, Paris, Stockholm. Also, back to Italy, this time with the girls.

Possibly to Singapore for a dear friend's wedding?!?!?! (come on Tony, ask her already!)

I know that it will take me back to Canada, Dominica, and Mexico by 2014

donna said...

fun post!
yes i do have a passport. I was hoping to use it when we go to London. But that is not going to happen BUMMER!!! So we hope to be going to New york :)

Oh love your friendship pillow.

Wendi said...

Never had a passport yet.

But I've dreamed of traveling for 34 years now. Eventually I hope!

Marie said...

Dirk and I are working on our first passport applications. I'm excited. Although, I know it will just make me want to travel (aka spend money that should be used elsewhere) but I can deal with that!

Cool travel goals. Sounds amazing.

michelle said...

This is a great post! You have so many wonderful places planned to visit! How exciting!

Holly said...

Loved this Michelle!! Your travel goals are wonderful--they inspire me too.

Amanda :-) said...

What a faithful friend that passport has been to you! No wonder the sentimental goodbye!

I drrrream of going back to Sweden this year with the girls, but I don't think it will happen. Well, I haven't prayed about it yet - so don't write it off, maybe?

Paul flies to Boston on Monday for 4 nights. Still no sign of me being able to join him. Ho hum.