Saturday, January 19, 2008

Why I can't stop smiling...

I love the new blog posts that are going around regarding weekly blessings. I love it, but wanted to do it a bit more my way! Each week I will post all the good things and blessings that I experience within the week and post them on the weekend. It also gives me a chance to journal them and record them, so on bad days, I can go back and remember all my blessings.

  1. The sun was shining all day for three days this week.

  2. The ground has a fresh coat of snow on it today and will snow all day.

  3. Walmart was not crowded on Tuesday, no fights, and I was out in 10 minutes.

  4. Cici started ballet Tuesday and it's so great to see her in her cute blue tutu.

  5. Craig and I had a great interview with Nini's teacher on Tuesday and things are looking up for her at school.

  6. I prepared and sent my first hat order and plan on launching my Etsy shop next Friday, January 25, 2008.

  7. I made some leg warmers out of the same yarn as my crochet hats and already have one order from a friend at Cici's ballet class -they are really cute!

  8. I found an ingenious way (at least I think so) to organize my earrings using a four layered photo display board and hung it up in my bedroom closet. I can see all my earring all the time without trifling through any drawers or looking under my dresser!

  9. American Idol started this week!

  10. NCIS was new - one of my fav shows.

  11. Thursday, Cosco put out their new rolls of ribbon and it was free because of my Cosco rewards check.

  12. By noon on Thursday I had: Gone to Value Village, found the girls their new snow pant outfit (they have to wear snow pants everyday until all the snow melts -which will be a long time) on sale and 30% off, found two pairs of pants, a dress, and two shirts that all fit perfectly. And was home before noon!

  13. Am totally finished with our bedroom - there isn't anything I need to do or organize in this room - woo hoo!

  14. Am so, so, so, so thankful that Excedrin is readily available to me today, as I don't think I would be able to stand up straight without it today.

  15. Friday, Craig and I celebrated our first date on January 18th, 1993.

  16. A new family from Las Vegas moved into our ward, she's my age and has young kids like me and is American!

  17. I took her to the biggest grocery store I could think of and they are coming over for dinner Saturday.

  18. I ran 9 miles this week, had to take a break because of some major cramps all Thursday and Friday, but am still feeling dedicated to my exercise goal.

  19. I am perfecting the art of shrinky dink - it's a very scientific and picky craft!

  20. We are now registered to vote for Super Tuesday in NY! Yeah! We are taking a special voting road trip to vote.

  21. It's Friday! Movie night at our house and we are watching Aladdin with the girls. One of the things we ate on our date was Dr. Pepper and twizzlers. It was actually the first time I had had any caffeinated drinks. (Except for a moment when I was with a friend, we had a can of Jolt together!) So we are picking this up tonight to enjoy during the movie.

  22. The girl's mood has change drastically and they have become more content, energetic, and I think, unless it's just hope, there fighting has decreased.

  23. We made head ways this week with them and the specialist they are seeing.

  24. We decided to take a break from infertility treatments, I still need to go to the doctor for some health issues - but we felt that we should wait for now. I am feeling more at peace with waiting for more children. It's not always the right time.

  25. We might be coming to Utah during the blogging party! We're are at least talking about it and it's on the table.

  26. We found out this week that our cabin's frozen pipes will most likely be covered by insurance.

  27. We worked all day today on our home and accomplished yet another trip to the donation center and threw away 5 more bags of things we just didn't need - and I mopped the floor.

  28. Every room is clean, and we only have a few more bins to go through - yeah, I'm doing the cleaning dance right now!

  29. After our guests left, it wasn't hard to clean-up.

  30. Romney won in Michigan and now in Nevada!

  31. I don't look sick anymore...After going in to get my hair done professionally, not by my hands, the person doing my hair said upon finishing - at least you don't look sick anymore. Apparently my last dye job, was too dark for my skin tone.

  32. I made chocolate cupcakes today and didn't even eat one!

  33. I have a raspberry piece of pie waiting for me.

  34. Met a really nice mom of the girl's classmates today and had a great conversation - really lovely woman.

  35. Didn't get any bills on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

  36. Wore tennis shoes instead of boots today.

  37. It's 8:30 today and the girls didin't put up a fuss at bed time.

  38. My desk is clean!

  39. Watched a great movie last night - with Russell Crowe in it, called 3:10 to Yuma - it was really good - especially for a cowboy movie.

  40. Am feeling very blessed to have a blog and have "met" so many wonderful women. Thanks for all your comments- I sincerely appreciate every word.

What made you smile this week?


Jill said...

Goodness, I'm impressed with your list of things to smile about! Not too shabby at all.

I would really love to get to the point in ANY room of my house where I could say it is completely organized and doesn't need one more thing done to it. You've been busy!

Chrissy, said...

Great job. Thanks for the positive post. I love all the little things that your list. Sometimes it is the little things that make our day to day week special of bearable! I think we will all be blessed this year by reading each others blessings and hearing positive attitudes of others. Thanks for your example. I haven't Will you let me in on the fun! hear of a blogging party.

andrea said...

What an incredible list. Very cool about the new family moving into your ward. It's always exciting to meet new people. Also, I'm impressed that you're going to NY to vote. Go MITT!

donna said...

What a wonderful list.
I think i need to see that Russell Crowe Movie :)

Wendi said...

Great list! American Idol made me smile this week too.

Holly said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to make a list of weekly blessings--you've had a full week, and been quite productive. I liked your last item because I agree blogging IS a blessing--how else would I have met you?!?

Lauralee said...

a room with nothing in it left to organize.. wow.. that is awesome!

nice list.. that is a lot.. I need to add that to my blog.. my blessings.. I love reading others, and I know I have things to record..

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Great list of blessings! :)

crystal said...

I love your way of doing the blessings thing; how do you remember all those tidbits--do you keep a running list? A notebook in your handbag?

Michelle Lindsay said...

Crystal, I'll start my post today and just edit it until the weekend and then post it - changing the date of course!

Marie said...

I enjoyed reading your smile list.

I'm so glad that the frozen pipes will be covered by insurance. Phewf! And it is great that Nini and Cici are doing so well. Wonderful!

I'm looking forward to reading your list next week!

carlo said...

i love the smile list! and you have a lot to smile about, don't you?

sometimes it is just good to see it in print i think. (at least for me!)