Monday, February 11, 2008

SPT Love me: The Valentine's Day Fairies.

The Getaway!

Three years ago, I was fresh (14 days) on the ground at our new home in Lancaster, CA. It was around Valentine's Day, when the doorbell rang. I walked to get the door, but when I opened it, a plate of cookies neatly wrapped (pre blogging days - or I would have taken a picture) was left on our doorstep. The card read, "From the Ward Fairy". Someone from our church dropped the cookies on our doorstep and didn't leave a name. After a year and half of living and attending church in this ward, I still had no idea who it was - and probably won't ever know -although I have my suspicions.

Cici, Nini, and me have coined our efforts to pass this on during Valentine's Day, as the Valentine's Day Fairies! It was such a special surprise to receive this, one the girls and I are excited to pass on to our friends and neighbors. A lot of the people we are delivering cupcakes too, are not familiar with the traditions of American women. I made sure to put our names on it, so they could at least understand that it was from someone they knew - it's also safer, since we are in a large city - I don't want anyone to think they've gotten something from an unsafe stranger.

We plan to give cupcakes or cookies to a family each night this week, until the 14th. Tonight was our first night, we decided to give our first fairy experience to the family in this post, from the Ukraine. Theire story is so neat and with one of her kids being sick, we knew it was perfect. When we arrived, I realized that theire front entrance way was locked at all times, they live in an apartment building. We waited downstairs hoping someone would come down and we wouldn't have to ring their buzzer. After five minutes, I pushed their buzzer and thankfully they didn't ask who it was, they just buzzed us in. As we approached the top floor where they live, we could hear their three children playing. They often greet us at the door, but no one was in the hallway when we arrived. We walked softly to the door, Nini placed the bag on their mat, I rang the doorbell and we all ran! I couldn't get all of us in the photo! We heard the kids open the door, and also heard them say, "let's see who it is!" We made our way down three flights of stairs easily before they could catch us. We snuck back up to see if we could hear anything!When we arrived home, there was very long message on the answering machine from the father, mother, and their oldest daughter! The girls just loved hearing them talk about it!

These boxes I found at our dollar store, it came three in a pack - aren't they sweet?! They even have a place to set your cupcake in so they won't move around - they would work perfectly for sending someone a gift of cupcakes!

We used the sprinkles on the right for these cupcakes, and the ones are the right; I found at our equivelant of TJ Max. They are little sprinkles shaped like cows, ducks, bunnies, and chicks - how cool is that?!
Weekend Report:
I haven't posted since Friday! I have some catching up to do, that I'll accomplish after this post, including my smile post. I went to the doctor today and was suscribed Prevacid, which should alleviate some of my digestion pain. I am supposed to be on it for two weeks and another two at a lower dosage. It is already making a difference!

Have you made Valentine's Day treats yet?
Have you ever been the recipient of treats that remains unknown?


Christy said...

If you lived in Lancaster...could it be possible you actually know where Tehachapi is? I lived there from 1985-1989. Very few people know where in the world that is.

Cute idea about spreading the cupcake love! I wonder if I can find those boxes around here?

Natasha said...

Fun, fun sprinkles!
That Valentine photo of your girls on your banner is just darling!

Lauralee said...

love the fairy idea.. I made sugar cookies today.. I might have to share some!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any more kind or giving, there you go! The boxes are almost as beautiful as your lovely cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day, gorgeous!!!

donna said...

OH how sweet, i never heard of the Valentine's Day Fairies! . But i think i may have to do that his year:)

Yes we made some valentine's treat last night for FHE :)

Nicole said...

Definately sweet. Never heard of the Valentine's Day Fairies...cute though. And it sounds like it was a lot of fun for the girls.

Wendi said...

Love the idea! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll follow your example this week!

Hope the prevacid helps!

amber said...

That is the cutest idea! I love the boxes for the cupcakes! Happy Valentine's Day!

carlo said...

how sweet and how sweet are those boxes. target (sorry to mention it!) have some cute cupcake themed stuff this year

we have done the BOO Phantom and thought about doing Cupid this year but sadly we did not get to it. We will do the teachers, a few neighbors, the mail woman, and our hairstylist but no *true* surprise houses.

and sadly, no! we haven't been lucky enough to get unknown treats.

michelle said...

Ohh, this is the sweetest idea! You are so kind, and thoughtful. I am sure there will be many smiling faces after the fairy arrives! :) I LOVE your table runner. Were did you find it?

Marie said...

We did this last night too! Although we didn't sign it from a Valentines Day fairy or something like that. But we did pixie friends with Valentines cookies, which I totally love.

When Dirk and I were new parents in a new ward in Edmonton someone pixied us with the Ward Friendship Bucket. It was a bucket that had a poem about friendship on one side and was filled with treats, card games, and a music CD. The other side of the bucket had instructions that asked you to choose someone in the ward, fill the bucket with inexpenive surprises for that family and pass on the friendship within a week. I thought it was such a great idea and really felt welcomed into the ward. Someone noticed we were there. Someone reached out. It was great.

Tilane said...

I'd love to be your neighbour right now!!!

crystal said...

SPRINKLES! SPRINKLES! SPRINKLES! You have NO idea how you made my day with that photo of those multi-colored delights!!!

You simply MUST tell me how you got your cupcakes all round-y and puffy on top! Mine are always flat and ugly. Spill those secrets, sister!

What a darling idea, The Valentine's Fairy. Love it :)