Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Quebec City.

...and the imperfect oreo cookie.

While driving back from Quebec City this past weekend(three hours north of Montreal), we opened a two-pack of oreo cookies and were suprised to see this oreo placed with the outside facing the center. In my many years of eating and dunking oreo cookies - I've never ever seen one like this? Have you? Which begs the question - how do you eat an oreo cookie?

Walking past the city courthouse to ice castle.

Starting from Friday night, I spent a good hour detailing our car - it was, disgusting -let's just leave it at that. It's hard to keep it pristine when we are always trudging through snow and bringing it into the car, it melts, the car gets wet and so on. We have a shop vac that we brought with us from California - and I am certain I'll never live without one again. It sucks up wet and dry and just made all the difference! With a clean car, that meant it was time for a road trip!

Standing on top of the wall that surround old town Quebec.

We headed out on Saturday morning, got gas, and picked up McDonald's for breakfast. I had a carrot muffin and everyone else had sausage and the works, too much for my stomach right now. We made it up to the Quebec City Winter Carnival around noon. The day was beautiful, with bright sunshine and lots and lots of people! Quebec City is celebrating it's 400 year anniversary, so they went all out for this event. Two ice castles, ice entrances to a lot of the restuarants, ice sculptures and even a human foos ball game!

Human Foos Ball - would you play?

Champlain Ice Sculpture

A whole new diminsion to snow removal!

"Bonhomme" was the carnvals mascot (it looked more like the dough boy from Ghostbusters)

More Ice Sculptures...

The throngs of people.

The girls are blowing on the carnivals ceremonial horns. They were seven dollars each, one of those, wow that's really cool while in the moment souvenirs! We opted to stay around three hours and than drive back so we could arrive in time for the girls to play before bedtime. The total trip was about ten hours. This was one of those "things" and "places" we just had to visit before leaving this area, although we're are not certain when this will be.

I really hate to play catch-up, but I felt that I shouldn't miss this post! Today, I am working on not making a mess in my kitchen. I am such a messy cook - how about you?
And last, my goal is to organize this space today, one of those things I hate to do! Filing, where's my personal assistant?

What are you up today?

PS -My smile post I will have to combine for this week, since I just couldn't get to it this last weekend. Have you started one yet? Thanks for everything!


Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

looks like you had a good weekend. love the ice and snow creations, thanks for sharing them.

Scribbit said...

That oreo must be a sign--or something.

And the festival kind of reminds me of our Fur Rendezvous here, only much classier.

Jenny said...

I actually have seen an oreo like that before. In a family size package. My children thought we should be the winner of something when they discovered it. Looks like you had a fun family outing.

Chrissy, said...

Thanks for the valentine fariy idea. it looks like a great trip. i love the ice sculptures. Ilike my oreos with milk with the cookie stuck together.Good luck with the organizing ehh. Have a happy Valentines tomarrow!

crystal said...

I love all that Winter Wonderland snow!!! What's a smile post...I can't recall. Have fun filing, my little organizing queen!

I'm baking, too--and DEFINITELY making a mess :)

donna said...

Wow that looks like so much fun , but it also looks so COLD :)

Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures.

I got the hats today. Oh my they are so Cute. I will take a picture of me and Emily in them :)

THANKS,THANKS so much. You are so SWEET :)!!!!!!!!!

Emmanuelle said...

Wow, there is so much snow !! I have never seen as much snow. Your trip looks like so fun. You live in a really nice country.
I love your valentin's cake. They looks yummy.
Well, I don't have oreos in my country :-(( But I love it, and when I was in US, I was eating the cream first and then, I was eating the cookie with milk.
Have a nice valentin's day tomorrow

Marie said...

I am jealous. Plain old envy. The 'thou shalt not covet' kind of jealous.

I want to go to the Quebec winter festival. I want to get my picture with Bonhomme. I want to sleep in the ice hotel. I want to see the snow sculputers (the one of Champlain was amazing!). I have learned about this festival since I was a little girl and it is on my list of "Someday I'd love to..."

I'm glad you had a good time doing it!

Have you never seen snow shoveling on a roof before? It is hilarious, isn't it?

carlo said...

the snow looks delightful! i love the idea of it but would need warm clothes to stand it. oh and coffee, lots of Starbucks! :)

i am a messy cook, too. especially baking. flour and powdered sugar are just made to go everywhere, right?

Barb said...

I have played human foosball!
You are such a fun family, and good for you taking advantage of the interesting events near your current home.

Lauralee said...

awesome sculptures..what a beautiful city.. so many people out in the cold and snow.. that seems so strange but fun too!
human foosball? that is awesome! did you guys get to play?
what a fun family day!

Heffalump said...

We have found backwards oreos many times. Maybe its because we eat too many of them...
I mainly like double stuf oreos. I take the cookie half off of two of them leaving two halves with the filling, then I put those two halves together and eat them with quadruple stuf...If they sold the filling by the tub I would buy it, eat it with a spoon, and probably die of a heart attach soon after.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

This post made me soooooo cold! I'm not going to complain anymore about our winter-but it sure is fascinating, that ICE CASTLE!

Call yourself lucky to find an oreo like that! Rare, I'm sure! I'm embarrassed to say, I prefer to hold two Oreos together and dunk into milk - that's right, TWO! So good! I love the golden oreos, too!

Paperwork is definitely my challenge as far as organizing goes. It can be a bit overwhelming at times! Good luck!