Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some corn to go with your Valentine hearts...

Some say love, it is a river...

Just remember in the winter
far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies a seed, that with the sun's love,
in the spring becomes a rose.

To all my blogging friends I send you this greeting (don't push the link unless you want to hear the whole korny song in cool digitalized piano!) When I sat down to write this post - for some reason the memory of sitting at the piano playing and trying to sing this, very cool song! Even now, as I sit a bit embarrased - I still like hearing it! Must be because of the fond childhood memory of playing it!

Before I blog about our Valentine fun, I wanted to thank all my blogging friends for their thoughtfulness. I can feel isolated here, especially during the winter when Craig is traveling - it's great to know I have friends around the world, not just family! I wanted anyone on my blogroll to know why I put them their, and what I love about their blog. This is meant to be uplifting, as I don't want anyone to feel left out. I mentioned that I would "love to meet" in many of my comments, but the truth is, it would be great to meet all of you! I know their are new friends that I am introduced too, every week - thank you and I look forward to getting to know more about you!

And this is why I love your blog:

Amanda :) - you are quick and whitty, full of honesty, love reading your posts.
Amie - loved meeting you, family oriented posts, honest, and calm.
Andrea - six children, adoption, and still holding it together - beautifully!
Annalisa - your dedication to your running and smart posts.
Barb - Inspiring posts, love of music, piano especially, instant blogging friends.
Charity - Since 1st grade when we shared our birthdays, my oldest friend.
Carolee - compassion, whit in hard times, and someone I would love to meet!
Carrie - friendly, sassy, and always full of wonderful and uplifting comments.
Chrissy - common twin ground, creative, and sweet posts.
Cristin - a hidden gem of creativity - really, I just love all your ideas!
Crystal - sassy, happy, fun posts and always "feel better" comments.
Donna - instant friends, uplifting fun posts, beautiful family, and sharing with everyone.
Elizabeth - beautiful scenery, smart posts, and always cheerful uplifting smiles.
Heffalump - not her real name, old friend, smart writer, busy mom to lots and lots of boys!
Holly - inspiring runner, common adoption ground, beautiful smile and comforting comments.
Jenn - helped me greatly during first year of motherhood, beautiful person, and friend.
Jennifer - the best and most beautiful sister in the whole wide world!
Jenny - sunny posts, smiles, always uplifting, and great example of wonder mom!
Jill - honest, gracious, and whitty posts, goodmail, and first blogging friend I ever met!
Kelly - common NW ground, whitty and well written posts that are always fun to read.
Kelly, according to kelly - honest and very creative woman.
Kristi - inspiring posts, commong DC ground, great ideas, and someone who really tries.
Laura - utah friend, beautiful person, very whitty posts, creative, and fun!
Lauralee - common NW ground, honest comments, heartfelt posts, and a creative force.
Lelly - SPT, supportive, great example of a friend.
Lindsay - love her photgraphs, loved meeting her, inspiring posts!
Lucy - whitty and excellent writer, common traveler ground, great to have met her!
Mandy - sweet disposition, honest, hard working, and very creative.
Marie - sisters we should have been, blogging friends we are, funny, whitty, and love that smile!
Megan - old friend from Utah, commong music ground, lovely person and fun posts!
Melinda - gracious, fun, loved meeting her, very organized and creative!
Michelle, line upon line - true friend, great example of a loving mom, creative, and inspiring.
Mique - hard working, friend to anyone, gracious, very creative, someone I would love to meet!
Natasha -smart, hard working, always focused on her children, inspiring in every way.
Nicole - lovely friend from CA, smart, compassionate, and brave, a true friend!
Rachel - loved meeting her, funny, compassionate, dedicated, and very patient.
Rochelle - goes the extra mile, won a blog compitition, very creative, and fun person.
Scribbit - fantastic writer, very successful blogger, fun, alaska, someone I would love to meet!
Sheri - always full of smiles, uplifting comments, and fun posts!
Sydney - old friend from back home, common adoption ground, fun person, and lovely friend.
Wendi - always focused on gospel, well written posts, and very uplifting comments.

What do you "love" about your friends in your blogroll?

Happy Valentine's Day!


Natasha said...

Michelle, this is so touching! You are so thoughtful to do this and thank you for including me! I love your creativity, sensitivity, the way you care about being a spouse and mother, your honesty. . . .I could go on and on! I remember that Jill sent out an email I guess about a year ago asking us to drop you a note/keep you in our prayers, etc because your husband was traveling and you were home with twin girls. I dropped you a not and am so glad I did - that was the beginning of our e-friendship! I remember how touched I was when you made that bookmark and mailed it to me when I barely even "knew" you.
Happy Valentines Day and thanks again for this post - it's a gift to us all!

Natasha said...

Oops, I meant "note" vs. "not."

Chrissy, said...

This is such a sweet idea. I love to read your blog it gives me great ideas and makes me feel good. I think blogging really does make the world smaller. Thank you for sharing your happy heart with me.

Marie said...

I just read your new profile. Very well done. i have such trouble trying to sum things up, and you did it beautifully.

Laura said...

Would you believe just last Saturday Matt and I were talking about the song, "The Rose". We heard it on a musak, and I mentioned that every girl that learned to play the piano in the 80s learned to sing and play that song. Quite funny that you brought that up today.

jenny said...

What a sweet post. I am glad that you have some outlet (even if it is via internet) I think long cold winters would be tough not to mention a traveling hubby.

Happy Valentines Day Michelle!

donna said...

wow what a wonderful POST!

MIchelle A- a great mother who loves her family, loves making her house a home, very crafty, is a wonderful example to me and a friend i hope to meet.
I hope you had a wonderful valentine’s day:)
Thanks for the HATS!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM. A card is in the mail :)!!!!!!!!!

Lauralee said...

THANKS! how fun to be on your list!

I totally use to play that song on my sax! love it! maybe I was the only cheesy one who went and listened.. I dont' know- but thanks!

Michelle- awesome mom, with the cutest little girls who gives great ideas... and love to read what is going on with you!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Excellent post of friendship and love! Thanks, I am so glad that we've met here in blogdom! Blogdom is such an amazingly cool place where we can meet people all over and share thoughts and ideas with like they were over visiting in our front rooms! Thanks for spreading the love!

Heffalump said...

You're sweet.

I remember belting out the Rose in the car on drives as a kid. I loved that song. I learned to play it by ear on my viola, and I still have a soft spot for it. Call me Cheezy...

Barb said...

Thanks, Michelle, what a wonderful Valentines post. And thank you for the good mail! The chocolate and lipsmackers have both disappeared - I need to round up the wrapper and the lipsmackers to get a photo! The vintage stamp is wonderful.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Unworthy of such praise, but THANK YOU! I was just talking to my friend Liliana today about HOW other people percieve me. What do people think of ME, you know? We each know ourselves better than anyones else, and sometimes, I just wonder what others truly think of me! You are too kind and please know the feelings are mutual, my friend!

Mique (as in Mickey) said...

I wrote a big ol' long comment but it is missing somehow. Anyway- it basically said that you are a gem. What a sweet way to make everyone feel so good about themselves on Valentine's day. I needed that!
To me you are- genuine, thoughtful, positive, strong, adventurous and the best wife and mom!! I hope to be like you someday. And can we meet when you go on your trip coming up?????

Cristin said...

What a sweet post idea -- especially for Valentine's Day!

...just another reminder of how much we can learn from the people who touch our lives!

Thanks for touching mine!

carlo said...

love the cookies at the top of the post! how pretty they are!

you are so talented!

Amie said...

This is so nice! I was surprised to see my name. Thank you for the nice words. I am going to do this activity!

annalisa said...

So sweet :). Way to get into the spirit of the holiday. I've felt rather bah humbug this year about it (maybe it's the weather) so I've been minimalist. I should have made it more fun for Alexis. There's always next year...