Saturday, April 12, 2008

For heads and lemon cookies!

Sugar cookies with lemon frosting.
Since I wrote my SPT post this week, my self-esteem has just plummeted. I owe it all to pms - there just can't be any other explanation! One of the things that I have been trying to accept is my for head. Not only do I have a widows peak, but I was also blessed with a high hair line and fine hair to top it off! Wearing my hair without bangs for me is like going outside with my underwear on the outside of my clothes. Yes, it's that scary. I can probably count on one hand how many times I've worn my bangs off my face. Today, however, I've decided to embrace that for head! Unless I get a headache from my headband - I plan on wearing it all day.

Craig is back from being out of town and I think, just maybe I survived. I've started exercising again as my health is really good and the antibiotics I took two weeks ago are doing their job and I have renewed energy. Whatever bacteria or virus was keeping a hold on me for so many months, seems to be gone. I gained 10lbs this winter from being so inactive and my plan is to say goodbye to them in the next couple of months. However, I can't totally give up sweet foods. The star cookies we made last night. I defrosted some cookie dough I had made around St Patrick's day and Easter, let the girls cut them out, and then drizzled frosting with lemon flavoring over the top. We served them with rainbow sherbet - very good!

Are you for head conscious?
Do you like lemon flavoring?
Do you freeze cookie dough?


Mandy said...

Lemon cookies sound so good right now!

I think you look pretty with your bangs pulled back, but I understand feeling self-conscious about them. I went to a hair dresser once that asked me why I didn't grow my bangs out. Then she lifted them up and said "oh, you have a REALLY big forehead." Needless to say, she did not get a great tip. ;) I've been self-conscious about it ever since and even though I am currently growing them out, I always feel like someone is looking at my GIANT forehead!

crystal said...

We've all got flaws, right? Yours is so miniscule that you shouldn't stress. I hate my freckles!

And just FYI, ever since your spt post, I've had a serious case of butt-envy. My big butt wishes it could be your cute butt.

crystal said...

And lemon is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE savory dishes or sweet dishes. Yum!

Claudissima said...

HEY i am totally with Crystal although I must say, i would be rather content with your butt size....but hey I don't know you in person, but if i were to see you in the street, i think your head band does not look bad at all, now I wish i had a little bit more forehead to wear a head band...ridiculous huh....that we sometimes have this IDEAS in our head...and no one will ever change them.....hehehheheheh...all in all, I am with changing hair is fun and out of 366 days this year...I think you can afford at least to be different in your own self for some adventure! I think this is a good thing for try new things and maybe after doing so, return to old favorites!

David and Cheryl said...

I can't believe that you have for head issues! You have such a beautiful face. As soon as I saw this picture without reading the post yet I thought, WOW! What a fantastic picture! I was told that I should always have bangs because of the same issues you think, but I finally decided to grow out bangs and pull it all back! I haven't gone back since! It's been over 10 years since I had bangs! I know you'll get use to having your bangs pulled back! Show off that gorgeous face of yours!
Also, I almost bought the whole entire Winners store the other day for my little girls Easter dresses. There were too many to choose from. The dresses you got were such a good deal and so many colors to choose from! You did a great job and your girlies look so cute!

Amanda :-) said...

Helllooooo! I'm so behind everything! Sorry!

I can't believe you're stressing about your forehead. I've had a fringe for years and years, so I suppose it's natural to freak out when you wear a headband. You do feel 'exposed', but really I wouldn't say you had a huge forehead. I can think of lots of beautiful women who have flawless, open foreheads like yourself. Nicole Kidman? Angelina Jolie? I'm sure in Renaissance times, it was an absolute PLUS to have a beautifully defined, clear forehead. Not a low hairline and a flat brow. How boring! It's probably also fabled to equate to intelligence too.

Yikes, my compliments bag is EMPTY now! Hahaha.

I know what you mean about headaches. I have a rigidly middle parting and it WON'T suffer any kind of side parting without giving me a headache. That annoys me.

Lemon. Ooh, yes. Lemon drizzle cake is lovely, but I don't even make cookie dough, let alone freeze it.

Good luck with your exercises too. I'm glad you've got rid of the strange bug that kept hanging around you.

Mandi said...

I agree with absolutely everything everyone else has said, but we all do it (see things that no one else sees when they look at us), embrace the good things and just dont look at the things that you dont like, yes I know its alot harder than it sounds - we all do it.

Quite simply - you are a beautiful person - inside and out - that is the person I see always.

I would trade butts with you anyday of the week!!! Mine has its own zipcode!!

Love Mandi..........xxxx

Chrissy, said...

I love a widows peaks! Honestly your forehead dosen't look too big. I think your beautiful inside and out.

Yes is like lemon alot.

I do freeze cookie dough but not often enough. Either way we seen to go though it really fast.

linda said...

You look adorable with or without bangs!

I do know what you mean though because everybody has certain things about their bodies that they dislike...and to someone else it would be perfectly fine.

The cookies look so yummy...I'm seriously on my way now to the kitchen to get a treat!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I have a widow's peak... but what bothers me more is my stinking double chin! :P You look fine in the headband.... did ya get a headache? I get headaches if I leave my hair up too long.

Marie said...

Isn't it funny how we look at other people and assume that since we think they look great, they must as well?

I do freeze cookie dough, but only when I am nesting right before I have a baby. The rest of the time I eat it right then.

Melinda said...

I always freeze cookie dough. I make a bunch of dough for my parents when I visit and freeze it for them also.

I know I have the same for head and thin hair problem. It is a pain to deal with but at least I have hair?

Lauralee said...

I never freeze cookie dough.. great idea though..

I have missed so love the girls dresses!
I am going to have to read carefully about your meal planning.. I love to plan, but struggle with variety.

I am pretty comfortable with my head and forehead... it is just everything below the neck.. :)

michelle said...

I love lemon anything! I just made lemon cupcakes a few days ago. I think I ate more than the kids did...not good! :)

My forehead has some freckles, and sun spots on it. I wish that they would go away. :) Your forehead looks great with your hair pulled back! Isn't it funny how we see ourselves.