Tuesday, May 6, 2008

100% more umpf!

I am just amazed at how little computers cost. I realize it is still a major purchase, but compared with our first computer purchase, you get almost a 100% more umpf, than you did ten years ago. It's so amazing the amount of speed and memory in computers now. I used to work in Alexandria, VA for a computer company and I remember the cost of every computer component - even when it was bought in the major quantity it was purchased at this company. This goes for almost every technology - as I recall Craig and I purchased for $269.99 a VCR in 1993! It was the biggest purchase we made outside of car until we moved to the east coast and had to buy furniture! Now you can get a VCR/DVD combo for under $80!

My new computer!

So, as you might have guessed, I'm back! My life has, of course, gone on and I haven't been that amiss to be away from the computer-honestly! Here's what I've been up to:

Met Barb's (from blogville) husband's, brother's wife who moved here from Alberta to Montreal. We've been in email contact and finally got a chance to meet last Friday. She's a lovely woman and her children are absolutely wonderful! I took her to meet some other relocated women in the area and I tagged with her to a piano sale at a nearby university! We are definitely getting together again and will take a photo next time!

Friday night Craig and I headed to the Montreal Temple where a friend was going through for the first time. She's off to Saskatchewan to get married at the Regina Temple.

PUtting them to work!

Saturday we headed to the Acorn Cottage. Some of these photos are from last weekend as we spent both of our weekends working on the tree that had fallen during the winter. It was fun to see the girls really get dirty and do some good honest labor! I learned a lot about their peronsalities these weekends.

Whenever we head to the cabin, Craig itches for something that's fried and covered in gravy (reminds him of his mum's cooking) and so I put together these cube steaks, fried on an open flame, and then made gravy. It was really good - oh, and check out the new cast iron skillet!

Sunday I played for sacrament meeting and worked the rest of the time in my calling as chorister. That night we headed outside for a game of crocet - something our family did often growing up. After we were done, I spent a good 45 minutes cleaning the caked mud off our shoes and boots. Craig said I was a bit dramatic! OK, so maybe a little!

Monday I did some Visiting Teaching and Tuesday(today) I headed to the states to pick up our new computer. I kept the girls out of school as their was a field trip I didn't want them to go on. My aussie friend came with and took her three year old daughter. It was really cute seeing the girls play with her, they had such a fun time. When we got back I took the girls for a bike ride. Picture a busy street, one girl falling over, one freaked out because of a car coming - it was very stressful at first, but the girls managed to relax a bit and we ended up making it to a park several blocks away close to their old school. They caught up with friends and we made it safely home!
This week I also: watched Cranford, jogged, kept off my three pound weight loss and lost another pound, agreed to make 50 cupcakes? - not sure how I got roped into that one!-made sugar cookies shaped like flowers for May day, managed to stay sane with a husband on a business trip, and all that everyday good stuff that comes with being a mom!

How are you?!


Melinda said...

You have been up to so much!! I am sad I have missed so much of it. I am so glad you finally got that mail! Whoa, that was sooo long. Was that the right calculator that the girls left? If not, not a big deal.

Good luck making all of those cupcakes. I wish we could make homemade things for school.

Elise said...

Welcome Back.

Wow, what a busy week. It's amazing how life without a computer can do that. When I didn't have a computer for a couple of days I also managed to do a heap of things.

Hope you have a wonderful day

Natasha said...

Hooray for new computers!!

Cute about the Good Honest Labor.
I love to watch Griffin working out in the yard with Kim. He really enjoys it too.

How fun to cook outside on a skillet.

Jennfer said...

whew! i need a nap after reading about your week. Yea for your new computer! What kind of fieldtrip was it?

crystal said...

(music in the background from "Welcome Back Kotter")...Welcome Back! Welcome back, welcome back, welcome baa--a-a-ack!

Wowza--what a week so far. I love hearing the little details that make up a life...I REALLY need to record more of those myself. When you look bak, those little, seeminly mundane, details just help you remember what made life "flow" from day to day.

I'm not on full-day bedrest anymore--that lasted all of April. Now I'm on "limited activity." So I can pick & choose the things I need to do and then pretty much rest the remainder of the day.

Activity lately: baseball games. And MORE baseball games. Argh!

Mandi said...

Welcome back - I missed you!!! It is amazing how much computers have changed!!! WOW. Our first computer was a hand me down from my sister, and we thought it was amazing. Scott can get laptop through work which you pay for weekly pre tax so two years ago we bought a MAC laptop because Aimee was going media and studio arts at school and the MACs are great for that. So this year we decided to buy another laptop and replace the PC (yes the one my sister gave me like 10 years ago), so not we have a super fast laptop - its great and it has a wide lcd screen the images are amazing, but this latptop stays put - if the girls want to use one they get the MAC, they complain because the internet is only available on new one because we dont like the thought of them on the internet in their rooms, so if they are online they are sitting in the dining room/kitchen so we can see whats happening. Maybe I should have posted this on my blog rather than taking up so much space!!! Maybe that can be my post for today....

Barb said...

I'm glad you met Natalie! Help me convert her to blogging!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Hooray for a new computer, an escape to the cabin, putting kids to work, a trip to the temple, making sugar cookies, and wokring out like a madman! You're awesome!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Welcome back to the land of blog! Glad that your stint was short. You were kept busy it seems! :)