Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SPT: Something borrowed.

This sweatshirt was borrowed from my father who received it around 1990 for a marketing campaign at his work. I know I asked him to borrow it a couple times, but I don't recall the story as to how it came in my possession! It's one of the oldest items of clothing I own and hopefully my dad won't claim it back after seeing this post! Although, he doesn't really go on my blog - so I think I am safe!

I am borrowing half of our furniture, our home, the grass that grows in our yard, our deck, and garage. It's a strange feeling to have our home, not really ours - especially the concept that even the furniture is borrowed.

I am also borrowing my Canadian residency for the next couple of years and need this piece of paper to prove I live here! Thank you for your birthday well wishes! Today is a special day for our family-it's family day! I'll post photos of my birthday and our family day soon!

Did you do SPT?
Ever watched Mighty Mouse?
Are you a temporary resident of where you live?

Happy Birthday Charity!


Melanie said...

something borrowed so long ago that the rightful owner may not even remember that it is gone. I wish! most of the time I get nagged to return stuff, or it clutters up my house and I am eager to get rid of it. Nice sweater!

Jennfer said...

You are not a borrower you are a thief! I remember that sweatshirt. I can't believe it's still around. I tried to steal, I mean borrow, that sweatshirt when I left for college. Dad wouldn't let me have it!!! I'm gonna have to call him and have him read your blog.
I can't believe how good it still looks. It made me smile just to see it again. I had forgotten all about it.

Carolee said...

Happy Birthday!! Cant wait to hear about you fun family day:)

Sarah said...

Very nice sweatshirt. I would also be reluctant to give it back. Happy Birthday!

Barb said...

Ah, that sweat shirt brings back childhood memories!

Laurie said...

Happy belated birthday!

Love the mighty mouse sweatshirt.

I also think that, even though you're on borrowed residency and have a borrowed home, etc. your life looks beautiful.

jenny said...

That sweatshirt is great. I totally used to watch that show many moons ago. Your backyard looks so fun!