Saturday, July 26, 2008

25 things about Cici.

Cici on her first birthday.

Cici is one of those special little spirits that just loves and cherishes every moment with the people she loves. Here are some things about my beautiful Cici:

1. She has a beautiful smile.

One year

2. Her smile doesn't always show through in her photos, because she is either embarrassed or is a big ham on camera.

3. I can see her as a stand-up comic someday; although her humor mainly comes alive when she's at home.

18 months

4. She rarely wears pants and is mostly found wearing skirts or dresses.

5. She loves dresses - loves them! She always finds the puffiest, largest, and most floral dress and wants to get it. Of course, mommy always says no! (you would too if you saw them!)

6. Likes to make up stories and her stories almost always have a princess in them.

2 years

7. She loves having me wear dresses and matching with her.

8. She uses drawing to let go of some of her frustrations - it's very peaceful for her.

3 years

9. When Nini and Cici play together, Cici is very adamant that Nini must play the boy or prince. On occasion I've asked her to switch and it didn't go over very well.

10. Has a "booboo" at least once a day, even if their are no booboo's.

11. She still sucks her thumb.

4 years

12. She loves candy, cookies, cake, and anything sweet.

13. She hates oranges because of the white strings from the peel.

14. She would rather dance or flit around than play with Lego's or puzzles.

5 years

15. She loves her friends and cherishes every moment with her best friends.

16. I am one of those best friends!

17. She always cries at the end of our mommy/daughter dates.

5 years

18. She loves to talk on the phone and paces back and forth with whomever she's speaking too.

19. She can not sit still during a movie or TV show.

20. She loves to sing, even making up her own words to songs.

21. She likes to sit and talk about "big" grown-up things.

Summer 2008

22. She still can't go to bed and be "left" without lots of encouragement and love.

23. She is very smart and loves school! Her teachers just adore her, she must be a bit of a teacher's pet!

24. She loves babies and wants to be a "big sister" some day. Although she is very specific, in that she wants a baby sister not a brother!

25. She has a beautiful voice.

I just love being a mom! I must say it's been a lot of work, especially when they were babies - but what good thing isn't worth a lot of effort and work.
Back when they had their daddy's haircut!
I am excited to see what the next couple of years brings for our family. We know that we are not finished with our family, it's just the how that we are working out! Check out Nini's post I did a years ago here!


Elise said...

Hi Michelle

What a wonderful list, one that Cici will get such a thrill to read when she's older.

Cici sounds like such a social, creative soul, who shares a close relationship with you. A gorgeous girl indeed.


Jennfer said...

Ahhhh, I hadn't seen some of those pics. before. So cute Michelle.

Give her a kiss from us.

dani said...

hi, michelle:)
what a beautiful post for a beauty full, little cici!!! you are so blessed to have one another...
i hope your day is a lovely one:D
ps my katherine paces when she talks on the phone, too.

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

I loved this post and the pictures to go along. You said it well - what a blessing to be a mother, even with all of the WORK. I have to remind myself when I feel overwhelmed, if not this (being a mom), then what? Anything worth having takes effort, work, sacrifice!

Good luck on the HOW! Coming from a woman who was able to conceive easily, I feel silly telling you this, but maybe some women can't have their own children so they can be angels for wee ones who don't have a mother. You are truly a blessing to those two little girls! Hugs, my friend! Thank you for sharing your love with me, even when you're going through your own battles. You are much better at this than me and I appreciate it!

Marie said...

I remember when you did your Nini post and I have been waiting with baited breath for the Cici follow up. I love how distinctive your two girls are. She is such a beautiful girl, and was such an adorable baby!

Natasha said...

Michelle, what a beautiful post and how special it will be for your sweet Cici to read this one day and know how loved she always was, even throughout all the hard work. You are a wonderful mom to your girls!

Noriane said...

Oh this made me cry! Especially the picture of them drinking their bottles as babies. They look so much like my girls in that picture and I miss them being little like that. Make sure you print this list for Cici, she'll love having it when she's older!

Cristin said...

I loved reading this post...

You can tell that you love being a mother. I think you are doing a lovely job...

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Fun facts about Cici. Cute pictures.

Jan said...

That was so precious about your lovely Cici. She is such a cutie Michelle. You are blessed to have her in your life. She sounds like a Honey of an O.

Have a great week ahead. Your surroundings just take my breath away. So pretty.

goodpeoplegoodtimes said...

Cici is so adorable. I especially the love the last pic of the 2 of them! SO CUTE! I have to say you are the happiest Mom I know. Keep up the wonderful job...your girls will be an amazing woman as you one day!

Claudissima said...

how adorable are those pictures! I love them. I think this posts are just precious...