Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quoted as saying

Quoted as Saying

What would you do if something you said caught the attention of someone else and your words rippled throughout the world causing everyone to reflect and say, 'you're right!' Better yet, what if your words caused people to change. I love this idea that in this huge world, we have the ability to help and change people through our words.

Each week, I will be posting a question, my own comments on the question, and the opportunity for you to "quote" on the question. It's preferable that you post the question and your words on your blog. The quote should reflect the way you speak and feel about the subject. You can also comment your feelings in the comment section below.

Here is my first question to all you savvy smart "Quoted as Saying" bloggers out there:

What would you say to this question: If you could say one thing about balancing media and motherhood, what would you say?

My quote:

"I would not ignore the world events and news sources, but build my own internal filter. I don't want to know every detail, but I do want to know enough to not be naive. The day is coming soon when my children will be out in the world, and I want to prepare them as much as I can, guarding them against the ugliness of the world and celebrating those stories of patience, perseverance, kindness, happiness, and love."

My thoughts:

I find myself being pulled in two different directions when it comes to the current events of our world: to watch or read the news, or to not watch or read the news. I've met some people who have chosen to never open their newspaper or turn on their computer because the world's events are often too disturbing and in turn set an ominous tone through their day. Questions like, well, what could I do about it? Why should I be concerned about what's going on in Africa when I live here? There are others I know who read and update themselves on the current events of the day everyday who never seem phased by the things that are going on, yet are still able to form opinions and speak rationally about the news in conversation.

I have been a woman of both directions, yet find myself wanting a greater balance between not knowing, and knowing too much. I personally feel better about myself when I do read the headlines and delve into news stories. I feel if I am knowledgeable, I won't be caught off guard, I can know more about cultures, and feel confident that when in a situation where my opinion is asked - I can answer. With this there is a price, because I read my news online, rather than watch the nightly news, and often online, they pick the most tragic of events, such as kidnapping, rape, murder, abuse and tag it with the main headlines, such as, the politics and the War on Terrorism, and other events.

Some stories are very tragic, yet you can know about them without reading every detail. It's the details that often create the most thought for depression and anger. I read the main headlines and delve deeper into those things that inspire me or I want to know more about. I always feel like I could know more, but I find myself very balanced between knowing our world's current events and being overly angered by them.

Over to you:

I will leave this open to anyone who would like to add their comment or their quote. Even if you do not want to participate, what ideas do you have for balancing media and motherhood. I am trying to put Mr. Linky down below so it's easy to see who's quoting where!


Jan said...

Are sacrament meeting was all on the media balance.

I was a political and new junky for some time. I had to be up on all of it. I enjoyed the conversations very much. I was just talking to my sister a couple of hours ago and was saying how I don't like to just dive into that realm all the time anymore. I am tired of it. The praise worthy, good report, lovely, they are not there as much anymore for me. I do like to keep informed enough to make decisions. I like to feel that I am connected to what all of Heavenly Fathers children are going through in the world. I feel my tithing and offerings are my contribution to those things.

I am finding that the positive media is way more building up than the negative. I did just cancel my newspaper a couple of months ago. I haven't missed it at all. I get so much off the internet now.

My kids are older though. It is different than when they were young. The media has gotten out of control in some immoral ways. My daughter doesn't need that bombardment.

I am not making sense here. This is a great conversation though. I look forward to your questions to come.

Monica M said...

I am a realist. I tell my children things only because I want them to know that we all have problems in life, to realize how blessed we are, and that adults make mistakes. I don't tell them everything because who has time for that. I think it is a balancing act. Take the time to feel compassion for others, but don't dwell on it, make time for your only happy life.

Claudissima said...

Well I am definitely on board with news...except that I don't listen to the drive by media as much, or when i do, I use my brain to discern my own resolutions. There is soooooo much out there, that they want us to believe as being right..that they skew the way it is betrayed. Hardly ever, do you see a conservative point of view on things anymore. They play you and me and the rest of the world by what they WANT TO COVER. I think it is saavy to try and get everything in, but using your own judgement to analyze it and then tell it.