Monday, August 11, 2008

Anyone for Oozeball?

We were driving in the Adirondacks we spotted this interesting sport. I thought at first that this was something that this town had put together for a fun weekend competition; but this is an actual sport called Oozeball. It's played around the states and mainly among college campuses. While this town put it together in 18" of muddy water, many campuses play in knee deep mud - it looked to me like the dirtier the better!

Family report...

I am tired! I'm not trying to complain but just saying that I am tired! One of my daughter's is going through some emotional struggles. She has been dealing with attachment issues and it's not always clear how I can help her and if she'll let me. I have been praying like there's no tomorrow and hoping that I can handle this correctly. It's tiring, but I will do what it takes to help her through her struggles. I know that if I keep a clear head and an open communication with Heavenly Father, he'll help me through each day!

Ever heard of Oozeball? Played it?


dani said...

hey, michelle:)
i've heard of it; but i've never played. i'm a dirtaphobe, HA!!! no, SERIOUSLY!!!
i hope your baby girl starts to do better with her struggle. separation anxiety is so hard for all parties involved, and unfortuantely it's real... i will say a prayer for you all:D

Munchkins and Music said...

I wish you the best as you try to help your daughter.

Tasha said...

I haven't heard of oozeball, but I LOVE the adirondacks! Lucky you!

I hope that you are able to discern a clear and guided path with your daughter soon. I know you will be led, and I know you will do it well and good. You are amazing Michelle!

Bren's Life said...

I have never heard of the game before but looks like a blast!!! That'd be a Great water party game. But the question would be where do you play it without destroying landscaping?
I am so sorry about your struggles. I so understand. I know it can be a long hard struggle, but things will work out...
I have something for you can you email me your address.

jenny said...

I am not sure that sounds like fun oozzball? Ick. Interesting and I have never heard of that sport.

Sorry to hear about your struggles with your little one. Hopefully it will resolve soon. Big hugs!

crystal said...

Oh Michelle, you sound so grounded, spiritually. I admire you so much that way. Give me some lessons, will-ya?

What attachment issues? Lay it all out for us; someone is sure to have gone through something similar & will be able to help you.