Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Leftovers.

Wednesdays are the perfect days for leftovers - those moments I missed, those random thoughts that seem unimportant to direct an entire post too, and anything else deemed "leftover" from days past. My first order of leftover business is regarding the Avonlea Pillow Contest which prize was never claimed by #12 on the list. The new winner is #8 on the list - Natalie. Her win, came directly from the thermometer in my car today, which registered -8. I guess it's fitting that the -8(F) temperature and the #8 on of the entries are from Montreal!

Swimming became a fun addiction at the end of the last year. I felt inspired and enjoyed going to the gym and doing lots of laps. A confusion soon arose from a debate I had with a friend who had done several Triathlons. It regarded laps, and what is termed a "lap", and how far or how many strokes do you need to make one lap. This was troubling to me because I thought I was accomplishing a mile everyday, when based on this new information - I was only swimming 1/2 a mile. Also, this same good meaning friend and my swim instructor, both gave me swimming conflicting swimming advice. When I asked the people on duty at the pool, they had no idea what a the distance of the pool was and so I shied away during the Holidays. Last week, I recorded my laps as 16 and was so tired by the time I was finished. Today, after researching further on the internet, and asking again at the pool, a lap is simply me swimming from my starting point to the other end of the pool lane ( not back again). This made all the difference in the world! I can proudly say that my laps last week were 32 laps (1/2 a mile) and today they were 66 laps - just over a mile!

During the Holidays, I decided to start working out to DVD series the Firm. It is specially designed to work using Cardio and weights together. Although, I can't figure out any of the step DVD's and have turned those over to a friend, I love the ones without the step. I noticed results in about two weeks; finding my overall body muscle and tone more solid. I've only lost 5lbs, but my intention is not to be fixated on this or overdoing it - mainly exercising at least 5 days a week in a combination of treadmill, swimming, and arobics.

On the Cici and Nini front, my Nini, adamant at one point that she would never set her cute toosh in a tutu ever again, started ballet again! Her cute little mouth is about to change as one of her front teeth are now loose. Oh, how she is getting so big! Cici is now reading very well on her own and accomplishing sounding out the harder words first -we have yet to see even one tooth loose - she's quite distressed about this!

Elise and her daughter were winners of my illuminating motherhood drawing and I will be sending these matching hats to you this week!

My craft blog is slowly becoming more of a priority, as I now am finding more time to take up crafts again! I will be updating it as frequently as I can, dare I say daily, so check it out and let me know if there is a craft you would like to share with us on the doodlebird craft blog!

What leftovers are you hiding?
How are you finding your exercise goals?
Have you ever been discouraged by a well meaning friend?
Is there anything I missed?


Jenny said...

There has been so many things that I have wanted to blog about. Love how you put this post together.

Finding the time to get back on a good routine that includes working out has been difficult. I was walking and working out with a firm Ab's. Which I really like the firm with out the step also. I am not focused on what I am not doing. But what I am.

As for those well meaning friends, I try to not think about what they are saying to hard. I think some times friends think they understand, when they really don't. And they may think they are being helpful, when they are hurting us. The trick with good friends is knowing when to say something and when not to say something.
Whew. Lets just say yes I actually have been discouraged by well meaning friend before.

Barb said...

I love your bird motif on your craft blog.

Jennfer said...

You hurt me deeply girl. What? You didn't believe me?

alisha said...

I used to go to the community swimming pool to take my swimming lessons. I must say the trainers there are very professional and friendly.

Natalie said...

Woo Hoo! 2009 is off to a lucky start! I'm on my way over to take that cute pillow off your hands! (Don't worry, I'll call first.)

Talk to you soon!

Marie said...

66 laps is amazing. I'm not sure I could do 6. Congratulations. sorry I've missed so much. I'll try to catch up!